When shopping for men’s clothes, it’s a common tendency for people to put all their attention on items like shirts and pants. But the same level of scrutiny should be afforded to socks and shoes, if not more. The right pairs of socks and shoes can do more than add aesthetic value to your outfits. They will also ensure your comfort throughout the day and protect your legs from unnecessary pain, bruising, and fatigue.

What should you remember if you want to buy shoes and socks that you can truly depend on? To
answer that question, here’s a short checklist for buying the right men’s shoes and the perfect socks to complement them. Unlock awesome shoe-and-sock combinations that will make your outfits feel
complete and functional, like a pair of running sneakers matched with Burlix Socks for men. These tips will help you achieve maximum comfort and style from your next sock and shoe purchases.

Your Guide to Buying Men’s Shoes

Shoes are the first part of the equation. Whether you’re buying shoes for the gym, the office, or simple get-togethers with friends or family, all of these factors apply.

The Right Size

Size is the most important consideration for buying shoes. Even the spiffiest and most expensive pair won’t be right for you if it isn’t a comfortable size. If you don’t have the opportunity to try on a new pair of shoes in person, determine your shoe size by following these steps:

  • Get a piece of paper and tape it to the floor.
  • Put a sock over your foot. Make sure it’s the same kind of sock you’d wear for that particular
    kind of shoe, i.e. a dress sock if you’re buying loafers or brogues.
  • Rest your foot on the paper with your knee bent, then trace around it with a marker or pencil.
  • Lift your foot and measure the outermost points of the shape you drew. Draw a straight line
    from those points using a ruler or measuring tape, then take down your measurements in
  • Consult a size chart and write down the shoe size that’s closest to your measurements, erring
    on the larger side.

The Sturdiest Material

The second factor you should consider is the material your shoes are made out of. Look for high-quality leather, mesh, or foam. Don’t scrimp on these, as shoes that are made out of superior materials will last you a long time and will therefore allow you to get the most value for your money.

The Most Adaptable Color and Style

Compared to other pieces of apparel, you actually don’t need to own a lot of pairs of shoes. If you
choose adaptable colors and styles, you’ll be able to wear hundreds of outfits with just a few pairs.
That said, buy the shoes that best match your personal aesthetic. Some adaptable shoe styles that you can explore are plain sneakers, combat boots, and leather loafers or wingtips. Failproof colors that will look good with virtually any kind of outfit are white, black, gray, and camel brown.

Factors to Consider When Buying Men’s Socks

Next, you’ll want to buy socks that you can rely on as much as your shoes. Below are three things that you should look for when you’re buying new pairs of socks:

The Comfiest Fabric

When you’re wearing shoes, you’ll want the layer in between your foot and the shoe sole to be as comfy as possible. That’s why it’s good to pay attention to the fabric that the sock is made of. Choose a breathable fabric blend, like cotton and nylon. You may also want to spend a little extra on socks with moisture-wicking and odor-resistant qualities so that you don’t have to deal with damp or funky-smelling feet.

The Most Practical Length

Another factor you should pay attention to is sock length. Certain sock lengths are meant to be worn
with particular types of shoes. For example, you’ll want lengthier calf-crew socks for boots or high-top sneakers, while shorter low-cut socks will suffice for sneakers or slip-ons.

You can also keep your personal preferences in mind when choosing sock lengths. Some men like to
show off their sock patterns with their shoes, and would therefore benefit from long argyle or striped
socks. Others may prefer to wear more discreet and low-key designs and to hide their socks under their pant legs.

The Best Guarantee of Performance

Lastly, if you’re going to be using your socks for sports or travel, you’ll want to know if they have added features that will accommodate the extra strain on your feet. You can shop for socks with compression qualities for improved circulation in your legs, or socks with cushioned soles for added support while you’re running. Buy from trusted apparel manufacturers who have a good reputation among men with active lifestyles.

Treat Your Feet to the Right Pairs of Shoes and Socks

The right sock and shoe combinations can make a huge difference to your appearance, athletic
performance, and general comfort throughout the day. Take the advice listed above, and buy socks and shoes that are truly perfect for you.

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