Its been widely debated whether Saint Bernard dogs actually carried those little barrels around their necks. Even more discussion has ensued over the last 300 years (trust us) about what they carried in those containers, some say it was brandy, some say medical supplies and others say nothing at all. What isn’t debated is that Saint Bernard dogs have been around since the early 1700s rescuing lost soldiers and travelers, and assisting mankind in numerous ways.

But perhaps the Saint Bernard dogs didn’t carry these barrels at all.  Perhaps their owners were concerned the weight or design of the barrel would hurt the dog.  It certainly seems logical to have dogs carry supplies on mountainous trips, at very least carry their own supplies.  This is exactly what happened to Patrick Triato while taking his dog on a hiking trip up Mt. Hood.  Patrick outfitted his dog with a special canine pack and during the trip his dog was injured do to poor design of the pack.

As a wise Greek philosopher once said, “Necessity is the mother of all invention”, Patrick set out to fix this problem and offer a solution to adventurous folks like him who are passionate about getting outdoors with their pets.

Bravery Dog Pack & Collar“Searching for options, we were met with annoying hanging straps and bad fasteners that caused the pack to end up sideways on our dog.  We constantly had to stop and re-strap our dogs on our hands and knees – there had to be a better way.  All the dog packs we tried didn’t compare with human packs. Brands that we wear have quality components and design to fit comfortably, yet durable on our bodies.  Not to mention different colors.  My partner Summer and I set out to create gear that is innovative, functional and safe.” 

That’s exactly what they did.  Introducing Bravery Loyalty Goods.  Patrick and Summer have developed high quality collars, leashes, harnesses & packs so your pet can be comfortably by your side while you brave the outdoors.

Bravery Dog Packs, Leashes, Collars

Like most start-ups, Bravery needed to get funding in order to bring their products to market.  Patrick and Summer turned to Kickstarter, the american based, for profit, crowd funding website.  Kickstarter is legit, having launched over 100,000 projects with over $700M pledged.  They have won numerous website and VC awards as they provide a fantastic service to new entrepreneurs.  Bravery’s Kickstarter page was launched last week.  As avid followers of The Rugged Male, they tapped us for some commentary.  After meeting them and learning about their project, we naturally wanted to do our part to help.  Good people, great project.

Please check out Bravery’s Kickstarter campaign.  You can pledge as little as $1 to be part of Bravery’s success, or pledge $10 to receive an adventure journal to log your journeys with your pet. More gifts are available for larger pledges, check it out.  After all, the outdoors are best enjoyed with your pet comfortably at your side, and hauling his own food!

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