OK lads we’ve put together our Christmas Gift Guide For Her.  Yes we are not afraid to say Christmas, a third of the damn globe is Christian and another third celebrates it regardless of their heritage so lets say it together – C H R I S T M A S!

This year do not be caught frenetically roaming the aisles at KMART on Dec 24th wondering why they are closing at 5pm.  Lets be on point this year and present a gift from the heart for your wife, girlfriend or that special lady.  Rest assured The Rugged Male Holiday Team is here to help.  We’ve been busy putting together an inspiring gift list guranteed to jump start your memory like a 71 Chevy Vega.  You need to get on it soon especially if you’re shopping online.  You don’t want to be digging through the bargain bin fighting over a crockpot for your darlin’ – now that’s special!

For Survivor Woman

This is for the Les Stroud Woman in your life.  Backpacks are like wallets, belts and old ski jackets.  We hang on to them far too long because they don’t ever completely wear out.  Surprising your gal with a new backpack will put a big smile on her face.  It will be a surprise and show some (rare) thoughtfulness on your part.  The CamelBak MULE Hydration Pack is currently on sale at REI for only $75.  This lightweight day pack is able to tote 100 oz of water to keep your lady hydrated while you hit the trails.


 For The Runaway Bride

New running shoes are a great gift whether you live in snow country or in the land of the sun.  What’s crafty about this holiday gift is that you can sneak into her gym bag or closet (like a ninja) and check the size and brand she likes.  Then you have a multitude of options on where to purchase.  Running shoes are about as easy to find as the common cold in the winter.  They are online, mountain stores, running stores and department stores, thus saving The Rugged Male from the harsh conditions of holiday shopping.  Because you are close personal friends of The Rugged Male – click on the image below to save 50% on select models for the runaway bride in your life.


For The Wine Woman

Let’s face it, even if your darlin’ is a cooking fanatic, it just doesn’t feel right buying her cooking gadgets for the holidays. It feels like you are buying her a broom.  Here is an alternative holiday gift for the woman who just cant stay out of the kitchen.  The Pinot Noir Wine Decanter and Glass Set from Williams Sonoma is sure to make your lady smile while she entertains her friends in her favorite room – the kitchen.  Just dont ask us why it can’t be used for Cabernet or Merlot, we have no clue!  Right now you can enjoy free shipping with code = FREESHIP.


For The Diane Lane Woman

This one is for the lady that still enjoys looking sexy over the holidays.  If you really want to step up to the plate, buy her something sexy.  This is like stepping into the box against MadBum however, lots to lose, but alot to gain.  Let us give you some hints, its almost impossible to buy a woman a dress unless you really know your shit.  It’s equally hard to buy them boots.  So why not start small and get them a staple for their closet that isn’t too tricky with many moving parts.  Every woman wants a cashmere sweater in their quiver, especially around the holidays.  The Gena Cashmere from Ralph Lauren has just been slashed to reasonable sale price.  We suggest white or grey, don’t get fancy grasshopper, stay in your lane.


For The Salon Woman

This one is for the salon woman and the lazy, but crafty man. If you must go gift certificate make it something they could use and would love.  Apparently there are these franchises popping up all over the country called Drybar, (who knew?!).  The women are flocking to these like brown trout to a dry fly. The idea is that often women want their hair professional done for an event but do not need it cut or colored.  Salons are too much money to just get a wash and dry.  Enter Drybar, where women go to get a shampoo, blowdry and sip champagne for $40, (Birthdays were the worst days, now we sip champagne when were thirsty!).  With marketing like this, you’re gal will overlook that you took about 15 minutes to find her a gift and will be out the door on Dec 26th to cash it in.




Good Luck To You and Thanks For Reading !


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