During a time of  crisis we are all confused about spending this much time at home without sports.  Good thing for you we have scoured the streaming networks to offer you thirty movies you can stream right now, broken down by network, with links.   Don’t believe the big Hollywood machine – Marriage Proposal is super depressing and The Irishman is super shitty. Read on for the straight dope on how to get through this crisis at home re-watching some classics and perhaps some new content that doesn’t suck.


Amazon Prime Video

1. Dark Waters – Everyone NEEDS to watch this film. Ruffalo taking down DuPont for poisoning 99% of the human race .. and they are still fighting it today.  American Greed.

2. Goliath – Series. Billy Bob Thornton as pro-bono street justice lawyer. Amazing.

3. The Fighter – Mark Wahlberg plays boxer Irish Mickey Ward. Christian Bale.

4. Ford v Ferrari – Matt Damon is Carol Shelby. More Christan Bale.  Best film last year.

5. Californication – Our pick for Most Entertaining Series of all time.

6. Spotlight – Ruffalo and Boston Globe take down dirty priests and the Catholic church.

7. The Joker – Amazing writing. Very good film. Not as creepy as everyone says.

8. North Dallas Forty – One of the best kept secrets of football movies. Funny and dramatic.

9. The Nice Guys – Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling are gumshoe detectives in the 70s. Hilarious.

10. Green Book – Everyone should watch this movie at least twice.


Netflix Movies To Stream Right Now

1. Philadelphia – Hanks and Denzel remind us of the last world crisis.

2. El Camino – Breaking Bad Movie

3. Semi-Pro – Will Farrell Owns a 1970s Basketball Team. Hilarious.

4. Peaky Blinders – Series. Mafia-type English gang in Old England

5. Fyre – Documentary about the douchebag & convict who frauded the Fyre Festival.

6. Zodiac – SF Zodiac Killer with Downey Jr., Ruffalo and Gyllenhall

7. Ozark –  Series. Justin Bateman working for the mob in a creepy southern town.

8. Tootsie – Dustin Hoffman is amazing in 1982 San Francisco, as a woman.

9. Kingpin – 1970s Bowling with Woody Harrelson

10. Dallas Buyers Club – McConaughey; Nominated for Best Picture 2014


HBO Movies & Shows To Stream Right Now

1.  The Deuce – 1970s NYC Series by James Franco

2. Entourage – Five seasons and a full length movie should keep you busy.

3. Big, Little Lies – The ladies are right, this is a great series for women and men.

4. A Star is Born – Cooper and Gaga, great movie but tearjerker

5. Fish Called Wanda – One of the best caper comedies of all time. Kevin Kline & Jamie Lee Curtis

6. Gangs of New York – All time classic

7. Along Came Polly  – All Time Classic Rom Com

8. Casino Royale – Daniel Craig’s first James Bond film .. and his best.

9. The Town – Affleck: I need your help. I can’t tell you what it is, you can never ask me about it later, and we’re gonna hurt some people.

10. Leaving Neverland – Documentary about Michael Jackson, the master pedophile.


There you have it, 30 Movies To Watch During Coronavirus Shutdown.  Wash your hands in between showtimes. Thank you for reading!


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