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Are you passionate and dedicated to supporting your teams by any means necessary?  Do you live and die through the good and the bad with the teams and players you support and love?

Well, you’re in luck.  Because The Rugged Male has a strong cult following of alpha males and take-charge females, BACARDI has tapped us to help them locate The Worlds Most Untameable Fan.

What Would You Sacrifice To Experience The Final Match Of The World Cup, In One Of The Competing Countries?

Your Best Grateful Dead Bootleg?
Your Favorite Pair Of Ripped Jeans?
How about that surfboard that has traveled the world with you? 
Could you part with your favorite sports memorabilia – a signed jersey or ball ?

BACARDI is sending one lucky fan and their guest on the trip of a lifetime.  Prove you’re an Untameable Fan by offering up your most prized possession for a trip to one of the countries whose team is playing in the final match of The World Cup! (Booyeah!).  We need to up the ante on our sacrifices if we want to stand a chance. 

How about that vintage camaro sitting in your garage?
Would you get your first tattoo for a chance to attend?

BACARDI Untameable Fan

We gotta dig deep for this one, heavy competition. worldwide competition!

How about that lovely lady you are sort-of-seeing and sort of drunk dating .. you cant seem to make up your mind.  Would you give her up?!  (She might give you up!)

OK, how about the ultimate sacrifice – your season tickets that have been in your family for years.  Could you part with them?

Clearly BACARDI intends this to be a fun contest and (breaking news) … It Is Fun!  Make yourself a Cubra Libre (official drink of the contest) and click on over to the BACARDI Untameable Fan and upload a photo of what you would be willing to sacrifice. It literally takes about 3 minutes to complete and they even have a Sacrifice Gallery so you can see what others are willing to part with.  If you are looking for signature cocktail ideas for your World Cup party, they have a cool section of drinks devoted to each country – Champion Cocktails.

Bill-WaltonSee if you can find our sacrifice in the gallery. We sacrificed Hall Of Famer, Bill Walton.  Sorry Bill, this is The World Cup!

Thanks For Reading and supporting BACARDI in their quest!
Make a Sacrifice & Enter to Win!




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