With Memorial Day serving as the unofficial kickoff of the summer grilling season, here’s our list of top grilling tools.

1. Grill Grates

These are interlocking panels that sit on the surface of your grill. What do they do, exactly? They are designed to amplify heat, prevent flare-ups and cook evenly while retaining juices. Plus, you never have to worry about small bits of succulent meat falling through the cracks.






2. Eastman Outdoors BBQ Pizza Pan

This award-winning grill-top pizza pan basically creates a mini convection oven that gives your pizza that delicious smoky grill taste, while the holes in the bottom make sure the crust crisps evenly.



  Eastman Outdoors Pizza Pan




3. BBQ Hooker Four-in-One Tool

A magical beer and burger tool. It flips! It hooks! It cuts! It opens bottles! And guess what, left-handed grill masters? They make a special version just for you.

Grilling Tool - BBQ Hooker


BBQ Hooker Four-in-One Tool




4. Weber Style Stainless-Steel Rib Rack

This clever little rack gives every rib equal treatment on the grill. It provides an upright space for each piece of meat with adjustable slats to fit chicken quarters as well.

Weber Grill Rib Rack 


  Weber Style Stainless Steel Rib Rack





It literally is a comb, but not for your hair. The stainless steel teeth on this comb hold on firmly to your shrimp and chicken chunks, assuring that nothing escapes when you flip your kabob.

Grill Comb Skewar 


   Grill Comb @ Sears.com






6.Napoleon Smoker Pipe

Turn your grill into a smoker! Just fill the tube with wood chips of your choice, soak, then place in a closed grill along with your food for a few hours to impart a delicious smoky flavor.




Napolean Smoker Pipe @ BBQGuys.com





There you have it lads – Enjoy Your Summer BBQ Season!

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