With Thanksgiving and Christmas on the descent like a 747 coming into JFK, we would be remiss without publishing some sort of Rugged Male Turkey Recipe. Many of us typically go insane on this holiday as we are not allowed to leave the house for 12 hours and forced to eat cheese, drink beer and somehow stay awake in a 75 degree home with inlaws.

Your only ticket to some fresh air and piece of mind is to volunteer to cook the turkey, outdoors on the grill!  Cooking a turkey on the grill is not that hard and certainly safer than deep frying it.  Check out this video that shows some deep fry turkey mishaps.

How To Grill A Turkey On The BBQ Grill

This video from Dr. BBQ seems to be the most entertaining and easy to watch if you are interested in learning how to grill your turkey this holiday season.  Dr. BBQ explains a very simple grilling method.  He shows you how to season and even inject your grilled turkey with a special creole marinade.

Check it out

Thanks For Reading and Have a Good Holiday Weekend!

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