Its that time year again.  We have sat on the sidelines and now its time to get in the game.  It’s a tight game and we have the ball with not much time on the clock.  Worse, the opposition is on steroids as soccer moms frothing with pumpkin spice latte storm the aisles of department stores ready for the kickoff. Clearly the odds are stacked against us.

We are dedicating this year’s holiday gift guide to all the late shoppers navigating big city retail districts, main street boutiques and suburban malls.  We will attempt to throw you a life-preserver which just might save someone on your list from getting an Executive Pen Set or a Fitbit bracelet, or the grand daddy of them all – JetSet Slippers for $390, as seen in Esquire’s holiday guide – shocker.

Here are some suggestions for the rugged male on your list.

Lawson Hammock

Blue Ridge Camping Hammocks from Lawson Hammock are the finest tent hammocks, jungle hammocks and wilderness hammocks made anywhere. This camping hammock is lightweight, weather resistant, and flying insect free.

Blue Ridge Camping Hammocks are designed specifically for backpacking in hard terrain. Anywhere a tent can’t go the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock is there – mountainside, jungle, wilderness, along river beds, etc… It’s for people who are on the move, who need to set up fast and go. It can be used either as a tent hammock or on the ground as a bivy tent.

Levi’s Denim Jeans

Why not give the rugged male on your list a pair of Levi’s?  In today’s denim world, everything is overpriced and under quality.  The designer denim bubble has burst for the cool guy and Levi’s are still here and cheaper than ever.  Levi’s jeans come in many styles to fit every body type and preference, and they are still cool.  The best part is that nobody is rocking Levi’s, so you can be couture.  Ditch your girly True Religions and your overpriced Diesels and rock an American classic for $50.  Oh yeah and pick up a pair as a gift for your brother or your pops, they will dig it.

Corralejo Reposado Tequila

Even the non-tequila drinker will indulge in this agave delight.  Corralejo is an awesome tequila that will not break your bank.  Its got a killer bottle that is guaranteed to impress even the most annoying mixologist on your list, (that’s a double negative).  If you are still drinking Patron Silver, made by Paul Mitchell, (yeah the hair spray guy), then you should unfriend us and take your man bun over to AskMen with the rest of the sheep.  You’ll love it.

Good Company

This is a good gift for your neighbor, high school buds or your father-in-law that hates presents. Instead of showing up with a bottle of good wine, give the gift of long lasting satisfaction and comfort. Pick up a case of Duraflame Logs and a bottle of Woodford Reserve because nothing says Happy Holidays quite like a good fire, a smokey bourbon and good company.  Put the iPhone away for this one.

TV Wireless Headphones

Found this on Sharper Image, very cool. Watch your 3rd ballgame in a row without driving others crazy.  A single charge lasts up to 14 hours and you can sit 100 feet away from your television.  Home Sweet Home.  Silence is bliss.

There you go folks, we sincerely hope this Men’s Holiday Gift Guide has provided you last minute shoppers with some good ideas.  If none of these work, we recommend a 6-pack of Miller High Life, some beef jerky & some scratchers!

Thanks For Reading and Happy Holidays!

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