“Once you understand the need for style, the hard part is finding yours and then, being yours.”

This is perhaps the most important and required reading, a pre-requisite, if you will.  Men must understand the need to have style and make an effort to enhance it.  This is often difficult for you college kids that may not have a lot of money or time to worry about it, or quite frankly even care about it. As you evolve into young men, or maybe you’re already there, figure out what type of person you are and express that in your clothing.  Whether you like it or not, your clothing, hair, shoes, etc., are all going to send a message to everyone you encounter. This will not change for the rest of your life.  You might as well try to control that message for accuracy.

Your personal preferences and behaviors can help define your style.  For instance, maybe (like me) you hate tying your shoes.  I stopped buying shoes with laces about 10 years ago. Its all boots and slip-on dress shoes for me.  The only shoes I have with laces are running or basketball shoes.  Incidentally, I have the same rule with underwear.  I only wear it when I’m at the gym, or running.  I never understood how men stuff their boxers into their jeans like a diaper.  Boy that looks comfortable!


Here is another strategy.  Say you don’t know anything about clothing, and don’t want to, but you want to look decent.  Well then you stick to the basics, understand your limitations.  Nice jeans, an untucked white collared shirt and good leather shoes will ALWAYS be in style.  Make sure there are no funny logos, or pleats or embroidering, like True Religion jeans.  Sorry, these jeans are for girls, and men that act like girls.  Wearing a blue collared shirt with blue jeans is tricky, unless the colors are very different.  If you must wear sneakers with jeans, try Chuck Taylors, again, some things never go out of style.  Load up on those items until you get a better handle on what looks good on you.

Converse Chuck Taylor - 1917

As we tweeted earlier this week,  once you understand the need for style, the hard part is finding yours and then, being yours.  Good Luck!

Thank You For Reading !

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