OK, lets get to the meat (or meet) of The Rugged Male.  This is for a majority of you men out there struggling to meet women.  You are working on your pick up lines, buying new clothes, new cars, joining gyms & private clubs.  You’re thinking it’s going to enhance your style and make you more attractive to women.  I have news for you.

(It doesn’t do a damn thing)

The single most attractive quality to a woman is not height, hair or heir.  While those things can be a preference, most women would agree, they are not required.  What is required, is confidence.  You cannot be a wishy washy guy.  Have an opinion, with no gray area.  You like something, or you don’t.  Even if you are shy, you need to step up to the plate and take a swing, like you mean it.  We are not looking for a walk here, or a new pal.  You need to have intentional actions and speak with conviction.  This will also get you noticed.

A friend of mine, who is a very attractive woman, once told me that all women want is for a man to approach them.  If a woman looks over and smiles more than once, then she is definitely interested.  We all know this, but seem to forget during that subtle interaction.  It’s a shame because it usually happens at a party or restaurant or bar, somewhere where we have all the time in the world to come up with our approach!

Have you ever been in a public place and saw an attractive, classy woman, walking with a complete jersey shore moron?   Or with some fire hydrant, fake tan, gym rat wearing an Affliction t-shirt?  Or how about with some oxford looking pompous prick with a Ralph Lauren sweater wrapped around his neck and whales on his belt?  We have all seen this.  One reason is that these guys have balls.  They are not afraid to approach women, and they certainly are not afraid of rejection.  They do not retreat, and they are persistent.  These guys have annoyed me for years with their lack of manners and style, and they are not going anywhere.  I can only applaud their confidence however.

Here’s the deal, women hate awkward moments more than anything.  They want to know that (1) you will not cause an awkward moment, and (2) that you will be able to handle any awkward instance that may come up, whether it be at a restaurant, in the workplace, family gathering or wherever.  Women want to know their man will be their shield when called upon.  This does not mean being physical, for all you knuckleheads out there.  There are classy ways to handle all situations without being physical, that also make you look tough.

I once told a good friend of mine, to stop being the hunted and be the hunter.  Your chances of finding that special someone by only dating the girls that approach you, are far less than if you take the initiative yourself.  You have no excuse in today’s world of cellphones, email & Facebook. When I was in college I shared a landline with 4 other guys, without voicemail!  If you were not there when the girl called, your roommate would speak with her – talk about the deck being stacked against you!   This same advice can be applied to your professional life.  You want a new job, get off your duff, do some research, find a company you like, and introduce yourself.

Now when you start blending your new confidence with proper manners, some style, charm & listening, that is when your social life will start to take off.  People will notice when you are in a room, women will enjoy talking to you, because they feel comfortable, entertained and intrigued.  But that is several more blog entries.  Maybe this will be the first in a series…stay tuned grasshopper.

Thank You For Reading !

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