“The only problem with these automatic, man-friendly cooking devices is that now you cant hide in the kitchen”

A holiday gathering is a special time to be with family and friends.  For The Rugged Male, this can also be an exhausting time of the year, especially if you are doing the cooking. Like every other product development life cycle, there have been great strides in cooking equipment, especially for those who cant cook.  These new gadgets just might make your day easier, and certainly more fun.  Check em out!

The Digital Turkey Deep Fryer

Oven-baked turkeys require long cooking times and constant attention, and you still can end up with meat as dry as the Sahara. Deep-fried turkeys are usually moist, but improper use of early generation fryers contributed to the occasional (and unfortunate) house fire.

Those days are gone. The latest electric turkey fryers resemble giant bread machines, are loaded with safety features and are certified for indoor operation. Fully digital, and capable of cooking a 20-pound bird in under an hour, these units use 33 percent less oil than a conventional deep fryer.

The Multi-Tasking Blender
The combination blender/soup maker deserves a Nobel Prize for kitchen brilliance. This appliance happily mixes margaritas or smoothies, but it also chops, slices and dices like a top-end food processor.

The groundbreaking aspect is that it functions as a de facto stovetop. Just add ingredients, press a button and the blender proceeds to cook soups and stews. Guests will never know your secret family recipe was chopped, mixed, cooked and poured from a high-tech blender.

The Talking Measuring Cup
No matter if you’re adding chicken broth, oil, sugar or flour, the cup tells you when to stop. It announces volume in cups or milliliters, and weights in ounces or grams. It runs on a couple of AAA batteries, is unbreakable and microwave safe.

Wireless Warming Tray
Everything you own is wireless, so why not your warming tray?  Plug this sucker in for eight minutes and it charges to full capacity. Unplug, and carry it to the table.  The tray stays hot for an hour, keeping your delicacies warm and you from screaming to the kids to come inside before food gets cold.

Self-Stirring Pot
Invented by a Japanese dentist, this round pot with spiral sides takes advantage of the basic laws of thermodynamics to go where no pot has gone before. The unique interior design re-directs the energy of boiling liquids into a spinning whirlpool. The result? No more charred gravy, gunk-coated pot bottoms or odd aromas that refuse to leave the house for three weeks.

There you have it lads, the only problem with these automatic, man-friendly cooking devices is that now you cant hide in the kitchen.  You will need to join the conversation about Aunt Millie’s new hip and Uncle Harry’s new teeth, all while stuffing your face with cheese and brownies, before dinner.   It must be the holidays!

Bon Appetit!

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