Now that the holidays are behind us, if you are like most rugged males you are pretty excited to get back to a regular schedule, diet and onto your resolutions.  One of which might be augmenting your style.  This is why I was stoked Floyd’s 99 Barbershop tapped The Rugged Male last week for some male grooming on the house!

I didn’t know much about Floyd’s even though they have a shop a mile from my house in Hermosa Beach.  I assumed they were a cool rock-n-roll barbershop just by the name, logo and look of the building. As the owner of a top digital marketing agency in Los Angeles, I can say “mission accomplished”, marketing is on point.  Floyd’s 99 Barbershop is cool.

What I didn’t know was that Floyd’s has many, many locations all over California and the United States.  I also didn’t know they have their own dope product line with some really cool products like a leave-in conditioner for your hair and body.  There is nothing rugged males hate more than having tons of product in the bathroom.  One bottle, dual purpose, (where’s the blow-your-mind emoji when you need it?).  And you can buy them online.

OK, back on point.  I find parking on the Pacific Coast Highway and immediately take a much better look at the awesome mural on the side of the building paying homage to the heritage of Hermosa Beach and beach culture in general.  Can you identify all that’s going on in this mural  … I sure hope so.  Hint: That’s not Anthony Keidis.

Walking into Floyd’s is like walking into a really cool party … at CBGB.  It’s full of life, movement, individuality and great beats.  The walls are plastered with musicians and iconic images and the song “Frank Sinatra” by Cake is blaring which perfectly embodies the brand and their tagline. Each store is designed individually to appeal to the local neighborhood. No two shops are the same which is great business strategy as no two haircuts are the same. Celebrate individuality.

I eventually get hooked up with my stylist Zach and let him know I am looking for a cut.  Unfortunately I had a business meeting the day before and needed to shave. I was really looking forward to my first straight razor shave especially after Zach explained the process.  They first put a warm towel on your face for 15 minutes to soften up your skin and beard.  Then they use a straight razor to slowly and meticulously clean you up.  Floyd’s service offering is a throwback to the old barber days when men were the primary customers and services included haircut, shave, massage and other medical procedures. I let Zach know that I’m only interested in a cut and we can try the shave next time.


At the end of my cut Zach pulled out a small handheld back massager and loosened up my shoulders and neck for a couple of minutes.  Nice touch.  As I left Floyd’s, I realized I hadn’t let anyone cut my hair in the past 9 years other than Donna, my tried-and-true comfort zone. She knew what I wanted and I left with a great cut and even better conversation. But Zach did a bang up job, surpassing all expectations with minimal instruction, and I was stoked with my new “old” look.

Expert Cuts, Amplified Experience at Floyd’s 99 Barbershop

Thanks for reading and supporting our sponsors.  You can purchase Floyd’s grooming products and schedule a haircut with a stylist of your choice on their website.



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