If you are like most people you don’t specifically have resolutions. You certainly haven’t written anything down, BUT you do think about starting the year off with an increased productivity.  That means dropping the eat-everything holiday diet, committing to an exercise regime and getting a leg up on work or that side hustle that has been lagging.

But what about your whip?   Those lingering auto maintenance tasks that you keep saying you’re going to do – change oil, change break pads or replace the battery.  Now there is a way to do that without missing a beat in your new improved schedule.

Introducing RepairSmith

RepairSmith opened shop in Los Angeles in 2018 and has served the surrounding area since, including Orange County and San Diego. Their mission is to provide high quality mobile mechanics to people who don’t have time to take their vehicle in for repair or maintenance.  RepairSmith will send a technician to your home, office, or wherever to handle your auto needs.  The best part – no more taking Uber to work and then back to the auto repair shop.

RepairSmith Services 

Aside from the obvious oil change, RepairSmith can handle much more than that for a variety of auto makes and models.  Here are some of the other services RepairSmith’s mobile mechanics provide:

  • Replace spark plugs
  • Replace front brake pads
  • Replace catalytic converter
  • Replace front brake rotors
  • Replace rear brake pads
  • Replace alternator
  • Service automatic transmission fluid
  • Synthetic oil change


How Does It Work

To start the process you need to go to their website and book an appointment.  They will ask you some basic, non-invasive questions and what service you are looking to get. You will then receive a quote via email, which is what you pay. Your bill will not increase and you will not be upsold like you are at JiffyLube.  If you are not sure what your car’s problem is, then RepairSmith’s will help diagnose your problem when they arrive.

Their expert delivery mechanics are equipped with company vans and state-of-the-art tools and equipment allowing them to handle about 85% of repairs on-site. If shop-level tools are required, car owners can drop off at one of their fully-vetted shops. They stand behind all work with a 12-month / 12,000-mile warranty.

For those of you not in LA or the Bay Area keep an eye on RepairSmith as they are rapidly expanding to new locations such as Sacramento, Orange County and most recently, Las Vegas.

Rugged Male Discount Code

Finding a decent mechanic to handle routine maintenance can be difficult nowadays.  You never know if you can trust them until the bill arrives.  You won’t feel this way with RepairSmith. They stand behind all of their work.

We are stoked RepairSmith reached out to us to help spread the word.  Especially since they are offering our followers a discount code on their first service.  Take $25 off your first repair using code RUGGED25 upon checkout. No minimum required. Delivery service only.

Thanks for reading and supporting our sponsors!

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