Eating healthy is not a choice it’s a requirement for health, happiness & sustained living.  However if you are single your meals most likely are not entirely focused on nutrition. That’s OK, many of us are hustlin’ and meals are often skipped, rushed or forced on us.  COVID doesn’t make things any easier where going to the supermarket is like starring in your very own zombie apocolypse movie – it’s just weird.

When you are at home there should be more of an emphasis on eating as healthy (and tasty) as possible, because its so damn easy and you are in a controlled environment.   We try to provide recipes on healthy eats that are (1) easy to make and (2) uses common ingredients.  It’s so annoying to search for a recipe online and see ingredients that you have never had in your kitchen and never will.   Things like dill, turnips, tumeric – cmon man.

We dont give a starving man fish to eat, we give him a fishing pole at The Rugged Male.  We offer you this fast, easy & healthy chicken salad recipe that can be made with common refrigerator ingredients and leftovers.

Chicken Salad To Live For

  • Leftover Rotisserie Chicken
  • Celery
  • Onion
  • Tomatoes
  • Apple or Pear
  • Tzatziki

Alright I hear ya, you gonna say Tzatziki is not a common ingredient.  If it’s not, that’s on you brother.  Tzatziki is the move and should be on your weekly shopping list.  Tzatziki is made with Greek yogurt, cucumbers and olive oil. It’s low in calories, high in protein, can help reduce appetite and increase metabolism.  Take mayonnaise off your shopping list and buy Tzatziki instead, your waistline will thank you later.  Even the lousy chain supermarkets still using plastic bags carry it.

The rest is quite simple, dice the chicken as small as you desire and put it in a bowl.  Add more salt and pepper than you think and any other weird spices you have in the back of the cupboard.   Add your chopped celery, onion & apple/pear (and carrot if you fancy).  Add the tzatziki until you get the consistency you like.  Boom, you done!

Eat it out of the bowl while watching the NBA Restart or put it over toast with lettuce and tomato which is quite nice.  The apple or pear provides a nice surprise if you didn’t over do it.  Enjoy!

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