Marijuana is not just for breakfast any more.  Aside from the many health benefits its providing people living in blue states, its multi-faceted and can really make the most mundane tasks enjoyable.  It’s about time The Rugged Male sounded off in support of Marijuana Legalization, especially since things could go a different direction if people don’t start respecting how far lawmakers have come and mind their manners.

But that’s not the focus of this post, nor will it ever be as our attention span is too small.  We are here to simply point out some of the events or daily routines that are way more enjoyable after you smoke marijuana.  In no particular order we offer the following for your mental consumption:

 Playing Golf:


It’s pretty much a prerequisite to shotgun a beer before tee-off and smoke a joint with your pals on the 3rd hole.  For one it erases the lousy scores you just posted on the first two holes.  Secondly you are now far enough away from the clubhouse that you don’t have to worry about The Ambassador coming after you with Zimmerman riding shotgun.  As you sit in your golf cart waiting for white dudes with funny pants to finish putting (third hole is often a par 3), you finally start to unwind from the grind you just left.  There is no better time to take your relaxation to the next level and spark a joint with your mates and become one with the green landscape.  You will soon notice that driving the cart becomes just as fun as driving the golf ball.

Air Travel


Airports and airplanes are getting better but you still feel like cattle being prodded through a gauntlet of germs and bluetooth douchebags – ToothBags.  It’s almost Shakespearean the way we must go through hell in order to reach our vacation destination.  There is some higher spirit saying we don’t deserve to relax unless we first get strip searched, walk barefoot across a disgusting carpet then drown in a symphony of video games, screaming babies and software salesmen.  Weed is your only solution here lads, once you join that club you will quickly become a frequent flyer.  You go from feeling like a bottom feeder in coach to floating through a movie set.  Note: Sunglasses Required.

Nature Sports


This one comes with a pre-req.  You must be good at your chosen nature sport, otherwise this could have disastrous results.  Despite what some may say, marijuana can bring about a nonchalant and supreme focus in athletic activities.  It helps you remove your inhibitions and get the hell out of your own way.  You are free to concentrate on what you are doing and enjoy it to the fullest.  This sensation becomes extremely enjoyable when you are looking at fresh powder on a blue bird at your favorite mountain or a voluptuous point break in Maui.  This is why you always see snowboarders in the parking lot toking up before they hit the hill. Divine Intervention.

Big Day In The City


There is perhaps no better time to smoke a little herb than when you are visiting one of the great cities of America. Hell, even if you live in New York, Boston or Miami,  a day off entertaining visitors with a little Mary Jane is a vacation day well spent.  All of a sudden going to lunch becomes a technicolor urban adventure.  You find yourself saying hello to anybody who is willing to engage and spreading your cheery vibe as far and often as you can.  If you can top it off with a trip to the ballpark or museum, or maybe sit on that bench in the Boston Common where Marky Mark and Ted got irie, then you are having one hell of a day as Jim Valvano so eloquently stated.  Marijuana makes the big city feel like adult Disneyland.  Sunglasses also recommended.

Thanks For Reading!

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