Many of us late shoppers are still out there battling soccer moms on steroids in parking garages and shopping malls desperately trying to complete our holiday shopping.  They roll up on you all stealth in their X3 and nudge you out of that last parking spot or the line at Starbutts for their pumpkin-tapioca-eggnog, shot of coffee – the shopping professional’s version of Gatorade.  No wonder we don’t stand a chance.  We just don’t prepare for that type of game; not enough time in the film room and too many off the field issues.

We are dedicating this year’s holiday gift guide to the late shoppers out there drowning in this gnarly sea of retail naughty.  We will attempt to throw you a life-preserver which just might save someone on your list from getting a mustache comb, a Star Wars Anything, or the grand daddy of them all – the Norwegian Crewneck Sweater, as seen in Esquire Magazine .. of course.

Here are some suggestions for your last minute holiday gift shopping.

Blundstone Boots


Blundstone Boots have been family owned since 1932 and are still headquartered in Tasmania. They are sold all over the world and in hundreds of stores in America.  Blundstone holds themselves to the highest of ethical and environmental standards, in other words, they are not assholes.  They’ve been making quality boots for a very long time, good for motorcycle or plain ole street hiking. See their store locator to find an retailer near you.


Men’s Leather Bomber Hat – Nordstroms


Men’s Bomber hats are back and cooler than ever.  Good ones are pricey but there are knockoffs everywhere.  This one is a Nathaniel Cole from Nordstroms.  Vintage distressed leather lined with rabbit fur to keep you warm.  More details here.


Clase Azul Tequila

Clase Azul Tequila

Even the non-tequila drinker will indulge in this agave delight.  Clase Azul is an award winning tequila, winning the Gold Medal in the San Francisco Spirits Competition; 100% Blue Agave. Complex aromas of cream soda, spice, caramel and earthy agave. A long sweet finish. and a kick-ass bottle, guaranteed to make an impression.  Price is not bad either and sold at BevMo.


Watts Carbon Helmet From Bern


For the snowboarder, skier, biker or skater, The Watts Carbon Helmet from Bern will protect your man’s dome from the inevitable unplanned events that his chosen recreation will serve up.  The EPS/Thin Shell model is a certified helmet for both bike and snow. This model uses a thin ABS shell lined with EPS Foam to create a burly lightweight lid, designed to crack and absorb a gnarly impact.

There you go folks, we sincerely hope this Men’s Holiday Gift Guide has provided you last minute shoppers with some ideas.  And if none of them work we recommend a 6-Pack of High Life, Slim Jims & some scratchers.

Thanks For Reading and Happy Holidays!

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