“Live in a way that refuses to be bound by the skin in which you were packaged” – Marc Ecko”

Because the Rugged Male readers are a dynamic group of type-A, influencers in their community with a passion for life, Beck’s Beer has tapped us for some commentary on their inspiring new beer labels.  (Check em out).

Each year, Beck’s selects six well known artists, from different disciplines, to create original designs to feature on Beck’s beer labels. Dedicated to supporting up-and-coming artistic talent, Beck’s will display these designs on 13 million labels, amounting to 5 million square feet of canvas – for a summer-long art exhibit.

The following artists were chosen for 2013, musician Kid Cudi, designer and entrepreneur Marc Eckō, musician Willis Earl Beal, multi-medium artists The Date Farmers, interactive digital duo TM Sisters & photographer William Hundley.  You can do a lot of damage with that lineup, and they did.

We were fortunate to connect with the uber talented and just all around good guy, Marc Ecko to get his thoughts on the campaign and anything else he wanted to talk about.

TRM:  When you were first contacted by Becks to be part of their label campaign what were your initial thoughts?

ME:  About 6 or 8 months ago.  I was into it, as I know the history of the campaign, and thought it would be fun.

TRM:  Perhaps the most obvious question to me after watching the video is what was that white suit you were wearing and how did it play into the design of your label?

ME:  The label is actually a photograph, from the top of a 3-D printed sculpture.  The sculpture is formed out of resin, and is printed from a 3-D digital file of the art.  The white suit is made of tyvek.  You wear it to keep the resin off your clothes.  We shot that at Shapeways, in Long Island City, NY.  They are amazing, and their factory for 3-D printing is the coolest.

TRM:  Did you meet any of the other artists?  Were you happy with your label and did you like any of the other labels created?

ME:  I know of many of the other artists, but in this instance there was no interaction.  I am never satisfied with what I do or make.  I like the label, accept for the fact that they sort of covered our art up with text, which was not a part of the design.  

I really liked your words in the video commenting about what “Live Beyond Labels” means to you, in that it means unlabeling yourself, “Live in a way that refuses to be bound by the skin in which you were packaged“.  This is a recurring theme for everything we write at TRM.  We also want young men to be confident and fly their freak flag whenever, and as often as they like.

TRM:  What do you think about men wearing skinny jeans?

ME:  Everything old is new.  Watch the original Romeo & Juliet– dudes have been rocking nut huggers for centuries (literally).  It’s not for me— but probably because my body type would look crazy in tight jeans.  I do like the idea of stretch fabrics— less for compression of fit, and more for comfort.  I’m into that.

TRM:  Have you ever walked into a store and purchased something from your line, because you needed something to wear?

ME:   Yes.  Once.  It felt indulgent.  I didn’t do that again.

TRM:  Your Night Train Burnout Tee is really cool, why is it called Night Train?

ME:  I am not sure of that style …to be honest.

TRM:  What restaurant do you love in LA or NYC that we might be surprised?

ME:   Lima Taste in NYC, a peruvian spot.  My wife is Peruvian. It is my favorite food in the world.

TRM:  Now that time has passed and we know alot more about the steroid era in baseball, would you do anything differently with the Bonds Ball?

ME:  Nope.

TRM:  What do you think about ARod suspension and yet he is in lineup last night for the Yankees?

MR:  A-Rod managed this entire thing wrong.  Too much hubris.  For me, it’s less about indicting the players– and asking ourselves, in an intellectually honest way— about the OWNERS and the commissioner.  I put that asterisk over Bud Selig’s name for a reason.

TRM:  Great Answer.

TRM:  What essential piece(s) of clothing do you feel all men must own and be comfortable rocking?

ME:  Clean underwear.  Fuck clothes.

TRM:  Really, Im surprised. I thought you would have said boots or jeans.

ME:  Clean ass crispy white underwear.  Essential.  Ask your girl if she thinks different

TRM:  What do you think about Jay-Z new album (musically) and the way he released it, via Samsung ?

ME:  Jay is a G-d.  I just live in his world , listening to his music.  Jealous ones envy.

TRM:  Marc, thanks again for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with us.  Very much appreciated.  Have a great weekend !

Thank You For Reading !

 Marc’s new book Unlabel is coming out October 1st, available now on pre-order.

Thank you Beck’s Beer for sponsoring this opportunity!

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