“Scarlett Johansson is not walking through your living room … not even Lindsay Lohan for that matter.”

As promised we are following up on our article last week on where and when to find single women.  Too many good options were flowing in from our rugged female followers (thank you!), so we had to break it up… with a guitar solo.

If you have already checked your local happy hour at a restaurant or hotel bar, been on vacation and out with your female co-workers, and still nothing, then we have some more options for you.

  • You-A-Palooza – When all else fails, get some of your friends together, and host a party. Good practice to have a theme for the event and a signature cocktail. Kentucky Derby parties are fantastic, or an Oscar Party, anything that women can identify with and/or wear an outfit. Theme parties immediately give people something to talk about.  A signature cocktail is just fun for everyone, as they immediately have something in common and to talk about – “How do you like your Screaming Viking?“.
  • Summer Concerts – One thing that most women are opposed to is hanging out and drinking.  All husbands and long term boyfriends know this.  They know that you have to disguise it by getting a group together and doing something, anything. It can’t be the main event.  Summer Concerts is often the perfect answer for couples looking to get out and socialize with their single friends.  I’m not so much talking about the big festivals, but those can work too.  I’m more talking about attending your local “Concerts In The Park”, or Tanglewood, or North Beach Festival or Jones Beach.  Outdoor parks or beaches where groups of people get together with blankets, beach chairs and booze!  Attending these events is essential to enjoying your summer and a great strategy if you are trying to meet your lady.
  • Everywhere – The best thing you can do when you move to a new city and do not know many people is to go everywhere you are invited.  The same applies if you are looking for your gal.  Scarlett Johansson is not walking through your living room … not even Lindsay Lohan for that matter.  You have to get out and show your face around town.  A girl is not likely to respond well if you ask her out at your gym, but that same girl may recognize you the next time you are getting sushi and will be more apt to talk to you.  Plant some seeds grasshopper.
  • Get Classy – Women are into self-improvement and learning new stuff.  Meeting a lady with similar interests is way easier when you’ve both signed up to be in the same place for several hours and weeks in a row.  Take a volleyball class, a stand-up comedy class or a cooking class and you’ll be surrounded by potential girlfriends. First conversation a dud? No problem, you’ve got next week to crack her up or show her your killer knife skills.
  • Take A Hike – Outdoor enthusiasts are probably the best type of people that network with a purpose. Hook up with local groups that run outdoor day trips, or maybe they just run! Whatever the activity, it will involve hours of time without the typical distractions of smartphones, thumping bass and meat heads. All hail the group bus ride (a great chance to scope out who you’d most like to share a canoe, or tent).  Can you say captive audience?
There you have it, a total of ten options for you between these two articles on where to find your new soul mate.   These last two bullet points came on recommendation from the insightful Sarah Showfety, founder of Straight Up You and author of Dating By The Books:  One Blundering Singleton’s Search for Love in the Self-Help Aisle.

(Oh .. we met in a restaurant in NYC many years ago.) 

Thanks For Reading !


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