Men have been wearing wrist watches for over 100 years.  It was during World War I when soldiers in the trenches realized the traditional pocket watch of the time was not going to cut it on the battle field.  With limited communications during that time, precision timing was everything and soldiers couldn’t be fishing around for their pocket watches.  A rugged wristwatch was soon invented with a tough exterior and glass to protect from the rigors of battle.


Many people will propose that the wristwatch is slowly becoming obsolete, mostly due to Millennials who can’t seem to focus on anything in the real world. They will go into anaphylactic shock if they are without their iPhone for thirty seconds, which of course also keeps the time very well.

We got together with one of our favorite watch designers – Chronodos, to give you Five Reasons Why Men Should Wear Wristwatches.  Chronodos offers men a stylish, yet rugged alternative when it comes to wristwatches.  No sissy bands or metro looking faces, see the Chronodos watch collection here.

Five Reasons Men Should Wear A Watch

 1.  Watches Are Polite – Checking the time via a watch is much more polite than checking on your phone or asking someone.  When in the company of others its polite to give them your full attention.  Looking away to fish around for your iPhone is just rude.  A subtle glance to your watch is much more polite.  Be polite.

2.  Watches Are Becoming Retro – There is truth that less people are wearing watches.  There is also truth that most things considered retro, vintage or just old school, really are cool!  You know what’s not cool?  Wearing a Google, Nike Shock-Jock Fit-Bit metro looking watch that records how many steps you have taken.  Really, we’re counting our steps now?  Retro, not metro is always in style.  Be stylish. Wear a cool watch with a rugged (wide) leather band.

chronodos vintage watches

3. Watches Support True Craftsmanship – A man’s watch is more than just a time piece. It embodies tradition, history & everything that is man made. Wearing a quality watch is supporting and acknowledging true craftsmanship.  You are wearing a highly detailed piece of art on your wrist. There are many generic, sheep-looking watches out there, but the true watchmakers are creating impressive and genuine art, that also keeps the time.  Why wouldn’t you want to support a trade like this?

4.  Watches Are Possibly The Best Heirloom – Not only is a timepiece a thoughtful gift – it is the quintessential heirloom.  Giving a watch you wore for a long time to your son or daughter is a great way to say “I will always be with you”.  It also sends the message that if you take care of things, they will last.  My father gave me his father’s watch when I was in my teens. I still have it.  Leaving your watch to someone you care about passes on the sentiment that they were important to you.


5.  Watches Keep You On Time – Being on time is cool. Arriving late with no excuse has become the norm in today’s text-driven society.  Want to stand out from the sheep?  Be on time without texting.  Just show up where you are suppose to be, at the time you are suppose to be there.  It will be noticed and appreciated.  Using a rugged, hand made, beautifully designed men’s watch from Chronodos to get you there on time is even better!

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