What’s better than Throwback Thursday?  Throwback Every Day.  The more things change, the more we seem to miss and appreciate vintage products and technology.  We miss the old times.  We miss when people used to be on time. We miss answering the phone freely without knowing who was calling. We miss soft serve ice cream and family owned drugstores with soda fountains. We miss television with ads every fifteen minutes instead of seven.

Well Unilever understands this and is revolutionizing deodorant by taking it back to its roots with the launch of a New Dry Spray Antiperspirant across their top brands –Degree, Dove and especially AXE for the no-nonsense, charismatic and confident man.  Naturally they poked The Rugged Male to help start the ground swell with our highly cerebral & trendsetting followers.


Having the right underarm protection is a must not only for men but also women. That is why Unilever is introducing their new line of Dry Spray Antiperspirant that will keep your skin dry during your most challenging and personal times.

  • You finally catch a rap with that sexy babe you see on your commute. #TryDry
  • Your boss puts you on the spot in front of his boss. #TryDry
  • When that tool your old girlfriend is dating gets into your elevator. #TryDry

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With 48 hour odor and wetness protection just shake, spray & dry.  It’s how it all started long before rubbing a glue stick under your arm became the norm.  While you have 48 hour protection, we don’t suggest you routinely test it, mix in a shower every so often.  Chicks dig hygiene … and toilet paper, make sure you have both.


Axe comes in four scents, Island, Night, Forest & Air to cover most of your bases.  We suggested new scents for Elevator, Happy Hour & Boardroom.  We are still waiting to hear back.  Stay Tuned.

Seriously folks if you are unhappy with your current antiperspirant and looking to throw it back to a spray, try Axe Dry Spray.  If you don’t like it you can come back here and leave your pithy comments.

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