“Start hunting with a rifle instead of a shotgun. Understand their natural habitat …”

Since we already gave you some insight on what women are looking for in a man, and a strategy to online dating, we will now give you some tips on where to find them the old fashion way.  Certainly this depends quite a bit on age.  A women in her twenties is going to have different interests and activities than a woman in her forties.  They will however have much more in common with their weekly routine than you think – especially if they are single.

You are NOT going to find your new soul mate at your buddy’s house playing beer pong at 11pm on a Wednesday.  You probably will NOT find her at your sports dork fantasy draft party.  Chances are also slim, unfortunately, of finding her in the lineup while surfing or pulling up beside you on her motorcycle … unfortunately.

That is not to say that it can’t happen at those activities, but it’s less likely.  If you are serious about finding your last girlfriend, not your next girlfriend, then you probably want to increase your odds and tilt the game in your favor as much as possible.  Remember there is a lot of competition out there – single dudes are bothering women constantly in every city.

1. Early Birds – Probably the biggest oversight men have is understanding that women go out early.  Single women typically go out immediately after work or they do not go out at all.  If they are going out later, it’s typically with a group or to meet their boyfriend and his friends.  You have about a three hour window before hordes of testosterone flood the establishment with funny Greek letters on their ankles.  Make your move Ringo.

 2. Weekends – Weekends are the best days of the week to meet women.  As women have a lot more moving parts than men, (especially their brain), they have errands.  They typically do this on the weekends.  One of the best times and places to have a drink with a buddy is on a Saturday near a shopping district.  There you will typically find women in twos, like Noah’s Ark, (or perhaps Joan of Arc is a better reference).  They will be perched on bar stools at hotel bars having a martini to celebrate their bounty.  Again, this will be early, even earlier than happy hour.  Around 4pm is best, before they head off to their dinner party or some other event they committed to much earlier in the week.  Women are planners so if you are not at the event you gotta catch them in transition.

3. Restaurant Bars – Women are much more likely to sit at a bar in a restaurant than they will at a whiskey bar with no food.  As we said, often women enjoy having a post-shopping celebratory libation.  Women also love to eat, even those that just take one bite and say they are full.  Food gives them something else to talk about – food and talking  (hmmm?).  Women also want to look feminine and be catered to.  A handsome bartender at a classy hotel bar with fancy stemware is often the remedy for a hard day of shopping or at the office.

4.  Choose Dive Wisely – Women are not opposed to going to a dive bar for a beverage.  This is great news!  We all love a woman who can have a whiskey, tune a jukebox and shoot a game of pool.  The establishment must be female- friendly however.  That means relatively easy to park or walk.  That certainly means cleanliness – no carpeting or dingy smell and decent airflow.   Above all it must have a dedicated women’s bathroom, not a shared bathroom.

5.  Have Female Friends – Having a few (or several) female friends increases your odds significantly of meeting more women.  However you must treat them like friends, that means be respectful, be on time, and be on your best behavior.  Be a gentleman, otherwise they will not want to meet you at events.  You also want them to think of you when they are listening to their girlfriends complain about how they can’t meet a rugged male.

 6.  Vacation – How many times have you heard married couples talk about how they met at Me CaboCoachella, The Surf Lodge or The Green Parrot?  Taking a vacation to meet people is a great strategy.  You probably don’t want to go too far if that is your primary goal.  You don’t want to be GUD when you return.  Looking for that special lady in the South of France when you live in Brightwaters, NY may not be the best strategy.  Stick to the spots that are a couple hours of travel and popular with people in your locale.  Despite what other (low hanging fruit) advisers will tell you, you don’t need to go with a group.  What’s necessary is that you go !

There you have it lads.  Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t meet a quality woman in a bar. Pure Shite!  I certainly don’t want to meet the woman of my dreams in a library or a spin class, good lord!?  The common thread here is to start thinking more about what women enjoy instead of following that pack of wolves (err..sheep) you call friends.  Start hunting with a rifle instead of a shotgun. Understand their natural habitat and preferences and put yourself in a good position to get her in your sights … or sight.


Part Two Is Coming Next Week … Stay Tuned and Thanks For Reading !


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