Summer is officially here and it’s time to ramp up the outdoor activities.  Technology has introduced many new products that make spending time outdoors more enjoyable.  Technology has also introduced new products guaranteed to annoy your neighbors make you look like a kook, like bicycle speakers.   We thought we would introduce you to some outdoor products to amplify your outdoor adventures and accentuate your style.


1. The Corona Cooler by Coleman

A classic. Don’t be the tool that brings the $600 cooler to the beach with USB ports, blender and speakers.   The “bros” are already doing that.  Rock a classic, stainless steel ice chest that holds 85 beers with a built in opener. Its also made by Coleman, a rugged American brand and great for beach, lake, mountains or backyard bbq.

2. LL Bean Tournament Horseshoes

Nothing better than cracking some beers with the boys while pitching some shoes.  These forged steel shoes come in an easy to carry case with two stakes.  LL Bean himself was an avid horseshoe player and always kept a set at his hunting and fishing camps. He started selling horseshoes in our 1927 spring catalog, advising our customers to “put a pair of stakes out near your camp or cottage and note how quickly your place becomes popular.”

3. SeaSpecs Classic Floating Polarized Sunglasses

Made by watermen for watermen.  SeaSpecs Classic Floating Polarized Sunglasses provide protection from the wind and the sun’s harmful rays. The Classic’s high quality, impact resistant lenses are polarized to  provide 100% UVA/UVB protection. The secure strap system keeps the lightweight floating sunglasses comfortably on your head where they belong to protect you while you’re in the water. The best part is SeaSpecs Classic float in the ocean so you may never lose your sunglasses again.

4. Braven BRV-BLADE Bluetooth Speaker & Charger

Lets face it, we have way more devices than we ever thought we would and we rely on them more and more.  Carrying some extra juice is handy when camping or at the beach.  The BRV-BLADE is a rugged Bluetooth speaker that packs powerful sound in a certified waterproof, dirt proof & sand proof casing.  Slim enough to slip into a backpack it will power all your USB devices while additional features include a built-in speakerphone, power bank and 22 hours playtime. And get this, it also has a built-in bottle opener. Cheers!

5.  Duraflame® Campfire Roasting Logs

Last but not least is a product from our amazing sponsor. The first firelog specifically formulated for roasting and cooking, Campfire Roasting Logs are ideal to use in the backyard, the beach or when camping. They are a little smaller, so easier to carry. The logs stack and burn like wood for a robust fire that creates hot, glowing coals safe for roasting marshmallows, hot dogs or cooking other campfire foods.  Give em try, the kids will love it and you will enjoy (not) stoking the fire. Light em and leave em.

Thank You For Reading!

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