Whether you’re planning a major backpacking adventure into the wilderness or a weekend camping jaunt to catch some waves, the first thing on your checklist is always your tent.  As a weekend warrior your precious time is always better spent outdoors.  A good tent will ensure that happens.

An ideal backpacking tent is lightweight, packs small and sturdy enough to handle “weather”. The good news is that tent technology has come a long way and weights are dropping as thinner, stronger fabrics and poles are developed. We’ve put together some recommendations on your wilderness abode for 2017 that wont break your bank.

REI Co-op Half Dome 2 ($199)

The REI Half Dome provides tremendous value and comfort in a backpacking tent. The materials are quality, the sleeping area is roomy, and its backed by REI’s great return policy. For these reasons, the Half Dome backpacking tent is a steal for $200.  This tent may struggle in consistently heavy weather but for 90% of the backpackers out there this is a good choice to lay your head.

The Half Dome is almost 5lbs so a bit heavier than its competitors but what you get for the extra ounces is a roomy interior and a durable 70-denier floor.


Sierra Designs Summer Moon 2 Tent ($180)

The Summer Moon tent from Sierra Diesigns is a dome tent that’s both affordable and lightweight. This tent has made it possible for budget campers to backpack. The rainfly was designed to save weight, yet provides ample protection from storms, and it can be staked out to create a large vestibule, or removed to take in the moonlight. And at just under 3.5 pounds its not going to break your back.  It packs small and is a great tent that wont break your bank either.

Kelty TraiLogic TN2 ($250)

The Kelty TraiLogic does a great job balancing price and quality. It has been heralded for its innovative design and spacious interior.  Its rainfly design offers full mesh coverage for a completely open view of the night sky when the rainfly is off (other tents typically offer a partial view). This makes the TN2 a great summer tent.  The mesh goes all the way to the waterproof floor which might leave you somewhat exposed to dusty conditions but certainly easy to remedy if that is the case.  With a name like Kelty on your tent you know it is “built for the journey and built for generations”.

Marmot Tungsten 2P ($200)

The Marmot Tungsten 2P Tent is a awesome backpacking tent for two people. Pre-bent corners on the free-standing tent poles create more liveable space on the inside. This tent is super simple to set up, and given the amount of space its not wonder it gets good reviews from all the outdoor sites. Dual doors allow you to exit the tent quickly without stepping on your partner. This little tent has a unique blend of durability and roominess that is meant for life on the trail.

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