There is perhaps no more important item in a man’s closet than his denim jeans.  They have been around since Levi Strauss opened up shop in San Francisco in 1857.  As a Rugged Male, there really aren’t many options for casual wear.  I mean seriously, outside of denim jeans there isn’t much for men who prefer to look like men; GAP Khakis?  Not gonna be able to do it.  Lu Lu Lemon?  Cmon Man.  Sweatpants?  Sorry bro. Thankfully the denim market has evolved since Levis were the only option.  Now there are many cool denim manufacturers to choose from … because it’s the most important piece in a man’s wardrobe.  So we present to you:

Three Types of Jeans All Men Should Have In Their Wardrobe.

Dark Denim Jeans Are Man’s New Dress Pants

Back in the 90s when men had to dress up for a dinner or a wedding or whatever semi-formal event, we had to wear khakis or try hard to find some dress pants that didn’t look too dorky.  Then came the challenge of finding dress shoes which was a total nightmare.

Now days high quality dark denim jeans have replaced dress pants for men.  Going on a fancy date, business dinner or Vegas night?  You must have a pair of dark denim jeans.  Men need to think about this particular pair of jeans differently because these are not your everyday jeans.  They will hang on a hanger in your closet and are reserved for special occasions.  The right dark denim jeans will typically cost a little more, but that’s OK because they are going to last several years and still look good.  These jeans have replaced your dress pants, and that is a wonderful thing. Dark denim jeans are an investment in looking good at social & business events for a few years.  Luckily for you we know a very cool denim brand that wont break your bank – Mott & Bow.

Mott & Bow jeans are dope.  They don’t have any elaborate stitching or advertising which is required.  They are super high quality, made with modern finishing techniques and just look like jeans for men. Ordering Mott & Bow jeans online is a breeze too. Simply pick your fit – Skinny, Slim or Straight, then pick your style & wash.  Give em a shot, they are cool folks too.

Regular Every Day Jeans With Range – Medium Wash

Men also need a cool pair of jeans that they can wear twice a week if needed. A versatile denim with some range, NBA Range, jeans that can go inside or take you outside.  You need a medium wash for this and a durable denim – that means you go with the OG, yep, Levi Strauss.  Every man needs a pair of Levis in his wardrobe especially since so many men are wearing skinny, wimpy jeans with weird labels and finishes. A durable pair of Levi’s will keep you grounded and send a message that you are an American classic.  You can cuff em on the bottom to give more of a classic look, think greaser, surfer or punk rocker.  The dirtier and more worn they get, the better, more on that shortly.  Try to avoid the button fly, it’s a pain in the ass and the buttons get worn quickly.  They also makes you look like a tool when you are in the men’s room and struggle getting buttoned up quickly.  Look at these iconic rugged males above. They are all wearing Levi Strauss. Good enough for them, good enough for you.

Ripped Jeans Could Be The Most Important Item in a Man’s Closet

The next pair of jeans every man should own are a little bit tricky.  They are tricky because the brand doesn’t matter as much. The finish doesn’t matter as much.  The style doesn’t matter as much.  Cool ripped jeans are a gem and should be treated as such.  I’ve had pairs that I have spent hundreds of dollars on repairing over their lifetime; far more than I paid but not more than their value to me.  Denim manufacturers are still trying to make cool ripped jeans, unsuccessfully.  They call them distressed or tear & wear, but they rarely look vintage or cool.

Quality ripped jeans are like a fine bourbon; they must be aged over time.  They may have started out being your prime-time dark denim at one point, then moved slowly into your everyday, medium-wash arsenal as they got worn.  When its time to take them to the tailor for repair, then they become a strong candidate to be the most important item in a man’s closet.

Wearing ripped jeans sends several cool messages about yourself. They say you are comfortable in your own skin, a little rebellious, a lot couture and of course, the casual & cool guy.  Don’t believe me .. here is a quote from Fifty Shades of Grey, (yep, Im goin there. Nope I’ve never read a word in the book, but over 100 Million women have).

“He’s standing by the piano, dressed in a black T-shirt, over washed pale-blue denim, ripped at the knees … and hot.” 

Anyway, the hard part is not telling you ripped jeans are cool, its how to get them.  You really cant buy them. Women can, but for some reason denim brands don’t make cool ripped jeans for men under $800. You have to start them in the farm system and slowly move them up to Double-A, then Triple-A, and finally The Show.  Soaking them in the ocean and leaving them in the sun for a few days helps. I’m sure there are other techniques, but as the song goes … “Mama, that’s where the fun is”.

Thanks For Reading and don’t forget to check our sponsor – Mott & Bow, quality jeans by good people!




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