So, the stereotype of single men is that they’re all are messy, with apartments like bombsites and for
some reason sleep on the floor (Come on guys what’s with that). To be fair to the stereotype, lot’s of
men play up to it, everyone has that one single friend who seems more than comfortable sleeping on
an old blow up bed, surrounded by old fast food boxes and empty cans of beer. It’s just the way some
men are, as long as there’s somewhere mildly comfortable to sleep, you can survive in almost any

But while all of us fondly look back on our youth and college days where messiness was the norm,
you’re now an adult, with actual adult responsibilities, so maybe it’s time to mature a bit. While low
effort dorm and bedroom set ups were endearing while you were in your early 20’s, they get a bit
more embarrassing with every year older you get.

So, if you’re reading this, you’re probably ready to ‘mature’ your room a bit and swap out your
mattress on the floor for a proper bed. So today we’ve got some tips for how you can turn your messy
apartment into a bachelor pad befitting a proper grown up gentleman.

Stop MacGyvering Your Décor

This is something lots of men are guilty of, whether it comes from trying to cut costs or use your
limited DIY powers, lots of men choose to improvise things in our homes rather than buy it. We all
know someone who has hung a sheet over a window rather than buying blinds, kept all their clothes
scattered on the floor rather than buying a cupboard, or doing something equally as lazy and low

Well, step one is, stop doing that. While it can be fun to come up with easy solutions to problems
and thinking you’re an engineering genius, you must admit no one wants to bring a potential partner
to your room to see you’ve taped bin bags over your windows. So it’s time to say goodbye to
MacGyver and hello to buying what you need instead!

Buy A Proper Bed

Now that we’ve got rid of your DIY bin bag curtains and all your other DIY ‘projects’, it’s time to
address the biggest issue in your bedroom… Your bed… Well more like the lack of a real bed. Men’s
love of just sleeping on a mattress on the floor is well documented and while it’s practical, it’s not
great for the look of your apartment or your back.

So, it’s time to grow up and buy yourself a proper bed frame, while they can be expensive, you can
find a basic bed frame at reasonable prices by shopping on Amazon or eBay. Once you have an
actual bed, your apartment’s bedroom will look a lot better to potential partners and a lot more
comfortable for you when you sleep.

Get More Lighting

Now, we’ve addressed some common complaints about the way single men live, it’s time to start
getting your apartment into peak condition. Lots of lads, completely overlook lighting as an issue in
their living spaces. After all, if there’s not enough light, most men are just content to deal with it as a
small inconvenience.

But, having proper layered lighting in your apartment, will make it look a lot smarter and
presentable to visitors, as well as giving your eyes a break from straining to see things when it’s not
bright outside. With just a lamp, some LED strip lights or some extra ceiling lighting you can add
some nice layered light to your room and make it a more inviting space.

Show Some Personality

So far, we’ve advised you on how to make your apartment look a lot smarter, but the most
important part of any bachelor pad, is of course, the bachelor. Now it’s time to show your
personality a bit through your décor. An empty apartment is not very inviting, but one with a bit of
character and personality certainly is.

You can go big or small on this, if you want to go big you can repaint walls, buy new furniture or
pretty much anything your heart desires. But if you want a quicker solution to decorating your
apartment, you can easily get away with hanging up a few posters of your favorite films, hanging
some photos up, having a few houseplants dotted about or just having some personal items on a
shelving unit will go a long way in adding some personal flair to your living space.

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