Your wardrobe is the first thing people notice about you, and they tend to make assumptions based upon how you carry the clothes you wear, what kind of style your personality projects. It is crucial, therefore, that you use this outlet to express your intentions and make others aware of the identity you wish to promote. This article sets out different ways to dress as if you mean it, and not like you’re just grabbing what floats at the front of your wardrobe.

Invest in High-Quality Pieces

This is key for projecting a sense of success and confidence through your clothing. Accessories like a good watch or a chain are subtle ways of showing attention to detail and expressing wealth tastefully. These are good investments that will hold up over time and can often be passed down, holding both sentimental as well as monetary value. Putting your money into a well-made jacket or Versace shoes, for example, can really upgrade your look in a manner that isn’t obnoxious, but shows your confidence and success. Just make sure you buy items like Versace shoes from a reputable retailer, to ensure the article is genuine.

Keep Proper Hygiene

This may seem obvious, but a lot of men overlook this step in case they appear like they’ve ‘tried too hard’. But this is the easiest way to improve your appearance and make yourself more enticing. Brush, floss and use mouthwash evening and night, comb your hair after showering, and make use of musky scents for a slight and sexy dab of cologne. Trimming your nails is and making sure they are clean after showering is something so many men overlook but is often one of the first things noticed, to the detriment of your look. These are all things to consider before even getting dressed, but they lay the foundation for a well-put-together appearance.

Don’t Shy Away From Color

There’s a reason women’s fashion often supersedes men, and that’s because women dominate color. Men are prone to hold back from bold colors and prints – and this is something to explore if you are interested in elevating your style. The key is composition; use muted colors against a bold streak to really pull off a sophisticated suit, or blend dark tones with a fun print for a casual yet interesting combination. These pieces can be surprisingly versatile and can function to demonstrate your effort and intuition when it comes to your looks.

Break In New Clothes

You might feel awkward and self-conscious trying out new or ‘riskier’ items of clothing – but the reason they feel stiff or awkward is usually that they haven’t been broken in. Clothes take a little wear to lay perfectly on your body frame, and it’s worth wearing a new purchase around the house before taking it for a spin. This allows you to get comfortable in the clothes, and for them to get comfortable with you.

These are ideas for the man who feels great and wants to emulate this confidence in his style. Try out these tips for an instant upgrade to your looks.


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