The Rugged Male has never been shy about giving you the straight dope when it comes to travel, style and proper manners.  That’s why we were not surprised when men’s wristwatch maker Original Grain tapped us to spread the word about their amazing watches!

We have previously written two articles about why men should still wear watches.  After meeting Original Grain, we now have a new and better reason men should still wear watches.

Based in San Diego, Original Grain watches tell much more than the time, they tell you a story.  All of their watches use reclaimed wood & steel.  These materials have had a previous life.  Sometimes this wood is from an old whiskey barrel, other times its from military crates.  They even have a line of watches that use materials from the old Yankee Stadium.  Imagine if these materials could speak.  No two OG watches are the same.

Many brands pretend to into sustainability, then overuse it in their marketing strategy. Original Grain lives it & breathes it.  You can smell it, touch it and feel it in all their watches.

OG just released their new line of Sport MNML watches for the man with a bold sense of style who needs a sturdy, one-of-a-kind timepiece.  The MNML has a unique band that shows subtle wood links that complement their trademark wooden bezel.  Its truly a handsome watch and comes in several styles.  I have enjoyed wearing my Gunmetal MNML. It’s not too heavy or large and I have received many compliments.

Check out how this bad boy is constructed.


In addition, Original Grain has partnered with One Tree Planted to support reforestation efforts in areas most impacted by wildfires. To date, Original Grain has planted over 500,000 trees.  You know what’s cool? Trees are cool.


Other Watch Collections From Original Grain


Military Collection:

The Military Collection features Reclaimed wood from actual ammunition crates – the crates that safely transported ammo to front line troops. Genuine gear, used by heroes of days past. It’s a Perfect Match for the rugged male who enjoys the art of adventure, this watch is brimming with patriotism.


Brewmaster OG Watches

Brewmaster Collection.

There is perhaps no greater way to honor your love affair with beer than by wearing the wood used to create society’s greatest elixir. This is wood from authentic German Oak beer barrels. Wood that has harnessed the power of hops, worked its magic on malted barley, and helped blaze the trail of liquid innovation.



Whiskey Collection

Inspired by our love affair with whiskey, the Barrel collection features bold lines and rivet details reminiscent of actual whiskey barrels. In our classic Whiskey Espresso colorway you’ll find reclaimed wood from bourbon barrels, enough so, you’d swear there’s a hint of whiskey in every watch. Available in both Men’s and Women’s, as well as leather and bracelet styles, the Barrel is incredibly comfortable with a more streamlined design.


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