One of the biggest concerns for consumers on eBay is the authenticity of their purchase.  Not only is the notion of buying a product online still nerve wracking for people but also the obscurity of not knowing the seller. People are used to buying from retailers such as Walmart, Dicks or Costco.  None of that has mattered that much for the worlds largest online marketplace that has experienced exponential growth in the last decade.  But there is still room for more growth.

In an effort to calm the nerves of luxury watch buyers, eBay has greatly improved the purchase process to add consumer confidence.  eBay has long been one of the best places to find luxury watches at a great price.  Buyers can now have confidence in the purchasing process. All wristwatches listed at $2,000 and up, will be verified by a third-party authenticator prior to delivery to the buyer. It’s eBay’s new service called Authenticity Guarantee. We can only hope it will be rolled out to similar high end items but for now the luxury watch buying process has been greatly improved.


The Authenticity Guarantee doesn’t cost the buyer or seller anything, it’s simply part of the buying process to give consumers confidence that their watch has been authenticated by an expert.

Here’s how it works: After purchasing a watch that is covered by Authenticity Guarantee, it will be shipped to eBay’s third-party authenticator. The authenticator will perform a multi-point inspection on the item, re-package it in “new, premium eBay packaging”, and send to the buyer via insured, expedited two-day shipping. The buyer will receive an authenticity report card that verifies the product and can be used to further boost future resale value. Learn all about the process here.

If you are not familiar with eBay’s line of luxury watches then you need to check out their massive inventory of pre-owned, new & vintage watches from brands like Rolex, Cartier, TAG, Bvlgari & Omega.

eBay’s new Authenticity Guarantee service has added much needed consumer confidence to one of the largest wristwatch online marketplace in the world. Its a win for buyers and a win for sellers. Without any added costs, eBay has stepped up to the plate and hit a grand slam, guaranteeing to buyers that watches sold on their watch will be as advertised.


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