Today Im going to hit the ground running and dovetail into 720 superman punch aimed at LinkedIn Users. In the process I might drop several more of those highly effective business catch phrases.  The Goal: To change the culture on LinkedIn.

This social media channel has become the global bored room riddled with more cliches than a human resources snooze-a-thon.  Can everyone stop being so politically correct and show some damn personality? Perhaps stop reading your resume in that dial tone of a voice like all the other sheep. Maybe drop an f-bomb or go crazy and spell a word wrong. Perhaps use urban dictionary terms to describe how you really feel about the fascinating world of data storage and insurance securities, Ait?!

Are you really passionate about WAN Acceleration? Really? Thanks for sharing, don’t know how I would have gotten through my day without seeing that post.  Did that TED Talk really change your life, or did you go home and eat meatloaf like the rest of us?

Know how you know you are talking to a life coach? They tell you, again, and again, typically on LinkedIn.  If you are going to shove that business coaching psycho babble pulled from a 1980s management training video on us, then give it a spin!  Update the script and color outside the lines once in awhile. There is your Positive Thought For The Day.

You know who gets hired? People with personality. You know who gets promoted? People who are good at what they do and have personality.

When someone asks how you liked The Big Conference, be Frank if you cant be yourself – “I skipped the morning sessions to lay out at the pool; the lamb was overcooked but the open bar was top shelf. Where were you Brad, listening to the keynote speaker?”

Next time LinkedIn asks you to recommend a friend, choose a “colorful” skill category like Ballroom Dancing or Nuclear Proliferation or Pallet Jack, they’re in there.

Start the conversation with something amusing for once, you just might get noticed.

Happy Halloween !

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