Autumn is a massive time for change.  We change from light beer and tequila to craft beer and bourbon. We exchange flip flops and the beach for boots and the mountains.  We cover the convertible in the garage and prepare snow tires for the sedan.  We change from Aaron Rodgers & The Packers to Alex Smith and The Chiefs?  Really?

Also with the change in seasons comes a change in your grooming routine. Unilever understands this and offers a variety of dry sprays that will keep you feeling fresh this Fall. These 48-hour dry sprays go on instantly dry for a cleaner feel and are available both for him and for her at Walmart.  Naturally they tapped The Rugged Male  for some ground and pound in our highly cerebral & trendsetting community.

Pick up one of the AXE, Dove Men+Care, Degree or Dove dry sprays at your local Walmart and try it for yourself. Grab one for your significant other so they can #TryDry too.


Having the right underarm protection is a must not only for men but also women. Unilever Dry Sprays will keep your skin dry during these challenging times. For instance:

  • You just fell into last place in your Fantasy Football Tattoo League. #TryDry
  • You are the weak link on your Mannequin Challenge. #TryDry
  • You are a Cleveland Browns fan living in Cincinnati. #TryDry
  • You believe Honey G is going to win X Factor and be a big star. #TryDry

Seriously, if you are not happy with your current “protection” click on over and check out the lineup of Dry Sprays from Unilever at Walmart.

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Post sponsored by Mirum Shopper. Opinions are 100% my own.

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