Men, let’s be frank.  We spend more time caring of our looks then we want to admit. We work out, we keep our hair neatly groomed, we care about what we wear. We’ve taken facial hair to new extremes, with the market for men’s grooming products estimated to be growing at 7% a year.

In spite of this, we are falling down spectacularly in one particular area –as a rule we are really bad at taking care of our skin. Our skin is the first line of defense between the world and all its gross things, and the inside of our bodies. It protects us and helps keep us healthy. Our faces in particular take a beating, absorbing UV rays and toxins every time we go outside.

Yet the idea of adopting a “skin care routine” just goes against the grain for most of us. Being concerned about “beauty” isn’t manly, and it generally doesn’t cross our radar until something goes wrong, when you take a close look at yourself in the mirror and it hits you. You’ve got bags under your eyes, or dark spots on your skin. You can’t stop staring at those new lines and creases, and that furrow on your forehead.  Your skin is getting old, and it’s begging for some attention.

A New Men’s Skin Cream on the Market

A few months ago, Aesthetic Science for Men formulated Particle, a six in one skin treatment cream to make men’s life easier through treating a multitude of problems in one solution.


The first thing they did was get a thorough understanding of mens’ skin – its particular needs and what works. For example, men have more collagen than women, but then again more sebum. Then they scientifically synthesized the cream to address the six biggest skin problems men face:

  1.  Wrinkles caused by thinning skin
  2.  Sun damage dark spots caused by UV rays
  3.  Dark circles and bags under the eyes caused by stress and overwork
  4.  Irritation caused by shaving
  5.  General dryness from exposure to sun, wind and toxins
  6.  Lack of vitamins and nutrients your skin needs to rebuild itself

Because it was created specifically for men (we all know men are lazy, would you use 3 different creams every day?), it addresses the needs of our thicker, rougher skin – and our desire to be quick about it and not mess around with “beauty products.”

How Particle Works

The first thing you should know about Particle is that it was created to provide a perfect blend of natural ingredients proven to help fight the six issues above:

  • Jojoba oil, a natural anti-inflammatory that helps clear up redness and chafing from shaving and exposure
  • Vitamin E, a well-recognized element in healthy skin care
  • Allantoin, an organic extract from the comfrey plant to soften and protect
  • Glycerin, a natural cleansing compound found in high-end soaps
  • Shea butter, made from the fats from shea tree nuts
  • Squalane oil, a plant oil that’s perfectly suited to moisturize without causing breakouts on oily skin
  • Coffee seed extract, a natural way to improve the skin’s resilience and repair signs of sun damage.

The next thing you need to know is that it is incredibly simple to use. It takes just seconds to apply, feels great going on the face, and will immediately help you start looking better. This is as uncomplicated as skin care gets … but with one huge difference. It works.

When the founders created Particle, they knew they had to make it simple – we are guys, after all. And they knew if they could make a truly all-in-one product, it would not only save time, it would save money.

Your face is the most important part of what you put out into the world every day. A snappy suit won’t hide those baggy eyes. And the best beard wax in the world won’t help reduce those wrinkles.

It’s time to take skin care seriously, with a product that not only is simple to use, but truly works. Try it for 30 days; there’s a money back guarantee so you really can’t go wrong.


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