Exactly when the first caveman wrapped a vine around his wrist without a functional reason is not known. Nor do we understand when ancient Egyptian men donned thick gold bracelets to show their wealth and status. We can assume however that both groups did it to impress the cleopatras and cavewomen; that assumption is quite safe.

The point is that rugged males have been wearing bracelets for a long, long time and there seems to be a resurgence in men’s wrist wear in recent years.  That’s why we didn’t hesitate when SkeletonHD tapped us to take a few of their models out for a spin.

The word bracelet is derived from the Latin word brachium, which simply means arm, (thought we would throw in that useless middle school crap that will get you nowhere in life). Bracelets can be a subtle expression of your personality. They illustrate your style as well as the vibe you want to put out to anyone who notices.   I’ve never been a jewelry guy and often struggle to wear a watch for any length of time, as a good friend once said to me – The time starts when I arrive!

That said, I have very much been enjoying my SkeletonHD bracelet the last couple weeks and have received many compliments from all types of people. I’ve also started noticing many professional athletes and musicians wearing very similar bracelets to the one Ive been rocking.  I will share these experiences and some new thoughts on why men should wear bracelets.  Buckle up!

Bracelets if done right, really are cool.  Don’t believe me? Check these images of Marlon Brando and Burt Reynolds.  Burt is sporting a very cool Navajo bracelet-watch and man, doesn’t Mark Ruffalo look like Brando?!

SkeletonHD bracelets are no different from these men, very rugged and stylish.  Three of my friends quickly scooped them up when the package arrived, a musician, an actor and a heavily tattooed handsome beast, restaurant GM, all rugged males of the highest caliber, a single dad, devoted husband and hustling actor.

Although we recently penned an article about why men should still wear a watch, there is one obvious reason why men should not wear a watch – you carry a phone now.  Most of the reasons we outlined had to with style.  Wearing a cool bracelet will showcase your style in spades.  For one, not many dudes are rocking bracelets and if they are, many are not doing it right.  Secondly its really nice to have stylish wrist wear without the shackle of a watch.  A bracelet from SkeletonHD does that for you.


They are extremely lightweight, especially if you are used to wearing a watch. You don’t even remember that you are wearing one.  They have a durable elastic that allows you to easily slide on and off.  Many of their styles are made from lava stones.  The spiritual folks in your neighborhood will tell you that lava stone is a grounding stone that strengthens one’s connection to Mother Earth.  They give us strength, courage and provide stability through times of change.

Whether you believe in that or not is of no consequence. But it’s certainly a better sentiment than the bros wearing a copper bracelet believing it has healing powers to return them to their glory years of high school.  Even a timepiece is a constan reminder your time is ticking.  Rocking some Zenlike karma on your wrist seems like a much more interesting companion on your journey.

If you are remotely curious, I urge you to check out SkeletonHD, their products are dope, priced appropriately and they have proper manners.  In short, they are rugged males.

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