With Fall upon us and temperatures starting to drop, many living creatures are migrating to warmer places to spend their winters. Whales, Dolphins, Hummingbirds and your grandparents are all travelling vast distances in search of better food and warmer climate. You should also be preparing for winter.

Buying a new pair of boots in The Fall is something every man should consider.  It’s like putting up your storm windows, changing to snow tires, or if you’re in SoCal it’s like putting on a long sleeve shirt.  In any event, Fall is here, and like we used to say in college on a Friday afternoon – It’s time to get in the boot!

Buying men’s boots is fun, stylish and rugged.  It’s the foundation of a man’s wardrobe and we should look forward to wearing them.  After all, men’s summer shoes are not so rugged. Topsiders – really?  White Bucs?  Cmon!  Don’t even get us started on Crocs.  Flip flops are pretty much the only shoes a man can wear in the summer to keep his dogs comfortable without looking like a Frenchman complaining about his Pinot Noir being too warm or cold.

Sure you can march down to your local Cole Hahn or Kenneth Cole and pick up your fall shoes, and think you are being unique and stylish. But just like the average reggae fan has zero knowledge about any reggae music beyond Bob Marley, there is a whole world of really good boot manufacturers beyond what you will find at Macy’s.

This Fall, we offer you three styles of men’s boots from three different manufacturers, guaranteed not to bust your wallet and keep you looking rugged and stylish.  Keep in mind these are for the Urban Man, not so much for the logger.


The Hemlock, From Born Shoes  ($125)

“Rugged meets tailored in this chic and versatile hand-crafted design.” –  It even says rugged in the manufacturer description. Born is a division of H.H. Brown, which is one of the oldest shoemakers in the country starting operations in Natick, MA. in 1888.  This boot is called a Chelsea boot, because of the elastic pull-ons, made popular by the Beatles in the 1960s. This is a perfect boot if you have a shovel foot where the front is fairly wide.


Men's Boot Bedstu Harrison

The Harrison, From Bed Stu ($155)

What has the character and toughness of Brooklyn in the 1930s?  Bed Stu is a name derived from that neighborhood and era, a company that combines old school toughness with modern style. The Harrison is a boot slightly more geared toward casual, or street hikers with its rugged sole, but can easily accentuate the worker who is cloned to khakis and a dress shirt.  The zippers make slip on and slip off a breeze and the distressed genuine leather will give you that vintage, trustworthy look.


 The Constrictor, from Harley Davidson ($113)

Rugged with a vintage look, The Consrictor can be your every day footwear for the Fall and Winter months. Able to look like a shoe with casual dress pants, and able to go rock-n-roll with a pair of jeans.  The Constrictor has a 1 1/4-inch heel, so everyone can be six foot four and full of muscle.  Harley Davidson makes a good shoe and they’re easy to find online with most under $200.

There you have it lads, three boots to get you thinking about fall fashion.  Don’t get sticker shock, many men’s boots exceed $350.  Like a good pair of jeans, or a belt you need to divide the cost by the amount of times you wear it.  All of these boots will exceed 200 wears and can be resoled by your local cobbler.  Fall forward Gents!

Thanks For Reading!

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