OK we’re back on men’s fashion, well to say The Rugged Male can comment on fashion is extremely misleading, lets just say clothing to be safe.  A typical man’s closet is like the human brain; you only use one third of it and the rest goes to waste …  or gets wasted in this analogy.  Enter – The Rotation.  A man’s closet is like an NBA rotation.

The Rotation

The Rotation is like your travelling team if you’re a pro baller.  Its the guys that are always with you even on the road.  You interact with them often, unlike the D-League or practice squad that you only see in between home games or practices.  The Rotation is your starting lineup, the clothes you got to battle with and wear every 7-10 days.  They are in the front of your closet, often get too much run and some should be benched.  But we all have The Rotation.

Here are some critical elements of The Rotation and how to keep it fresh:

The Lucky Shirt –  This is your money shirt, a collared shirt.  Whether you are going to an important work event, dinner with the wife at a popular restaurant, or your local dive bar with the boys on a Friday night.  You always bring it to Vegas.  You never wear it somewhere uncool cuz you restrict its minutes.  It’s the shirt that you know you look good in with a pair of jeans and some boots or flip flops.  It fits perfectly.  It’s aging extremely well and still plays at a high level especially in big games, like Paul Pierce.

Ashton Kutcher

The White Shirt – Every man needs to have a button down, untucked white shirt in The Rotation.  A shirt you can roll the sleeves up or keep cuffed depending on the occasion.  If there are buttons on the collar, you gently remove them so your collar can be free range.  This is such an essential piece of The Rotation that you need to plan for it’s eventual retirement, like Tim Duncan.  You need to have another white shirt that is getting broken in so you can make a seamless changing of the guard when its time. Think Kawhi Leonard.


The Vintage Tee – Another staple of a man’s closet is the vintage t-shirt.  This is the shirt that your girlfriend or wife always wears because its soft, cool and fits just right. Typically its a dark color, because white is just too damn hard to maintain for a real t-shirt that must deal with the elements – spilled whiskey, cigarette smoke, occasional bar scuffle and horrible perfume.  This shirt is the unsung hero in your Rotation, its the gritty player that only the coach knows how valuable he is, like Manu Ginobli.


How To Keep The Rotation Fresh

Retire Early – It’s important to know when a shirt is about to be passed its prime, outdated and out of style.  For instance if you have denim shirt in your closet, take it out, clean your toilet with it or change your oil and throw it away.  Ditto for any Tommywear (Hilfiger or Bahama).  Be like Bill Belichick here and rid yourselves of those players before they get to that stage.  Think Randy Moss.

Seamstress For The Band – Elton John’s timeless lyrics.  The reason the band has a seamstress because repairing old shirts is cool.  Instead of pushing them to the back of your closet where they hang and die a slow death, because of a tear or missing button, take them to your local seamstress.  Have her add a rugged patch or sew a button and all of a sudden you have a scoring 6th man like Jamal Crawford ready to jump into The Rotation at the next opportunity.

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