3. Michael McDermott

Photo By Ron Horne

Our good friend and contributor, Chicago singer & songwriter Michael McDermott plans to release a new album and his memoirs in 2022.  Michael has spent the last 18 months putting pen to paper and lyrics to guitar in the creation of his 2022 release – The Only Way Out Is Through.  Michael is one of the best songwriters in the world and possibly the greatest undiscovered rock n roll talent of a generation.  Fortunately you don’t have to believe us, those are Stephen King’s words, not ours.  We are super stoked to sink our teeth into his memoirs and his 2022 album release!


4. Eddie Vedder

most anticipated albums eddie vedder
photo by Drew A. Kelley

Eddie Vedder is releasing a new album in 2022.  The Pearl Jam front man has revealed more details about his forthcoming solo album Earthling, scheduled to be released this year. The album features contributions from Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Ringo Starr, Glen Hansard, Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, and former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer.



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