In a spirit world flooded with cake and ice cream, its refreshing to find a “one stop, bottle shot” – Paddy Daniel

Look Out !  The Americans are coming! The Americans are coming!  No I’m not talking about the television series.  I’m talking about how Americans must bastardize every thing on earth so that it fits a television format, or a radio edit, or in this reference, a happy hour menu at TGI Fridays.

What is going on with BOOZE!?  There is cinnamon in our whiskey, marshmallows in our vodka and coffee in our tequila ?!  People are literally eating their martinis.  Ian Fleming is rolling in his grave. Spiced spirits is not a new market by any means, but one that has become increasingly profitable, and impossible to ignore if you are a spirit distiller.

Hornitos has recently entered this market in a subtle fashion, with a subtle twist on their Hornitos Plata tequila.  We thank them for their refreshing approach.  After all, Don Franco, founder of Hornitos didn’t just perfect tequila.  He helped create the law that all tequila must be made from 100% pure agave in certain Mexican states, or else it just aint tequila.

The Rugged Male team was fortunate to receive a bottle of Hornitos Lime Shot last friday.  Since there was fog as thick as .. well, fog, on the beach, we decided we would start this journalism assignment – Ahora Mismo!   We poured 3 rounds of shots over 45 minutes, one neat and two chilled, and for our semi-pro palates and preferences we found them to be delightful.  Nobody turned down a second or a third tasting.  While I certainly prefer a neat reposado tequila, this was by no means an aberration or disappointment, nor would I turn it away if offered to me.

However, for the expert review, we will once again we’ve tap our own, Paddy Daniel, who is everything that is F&B to The Rugged Male.  Paddy is our barman, our bootlegger, our brewmaster, and our best drinking buddy.

Certain things just go together. Chips & salsa, Tango & Cash … Florence & The Machine.  So goes tequila, lime and salt.  In a spirit world flooded with cake and ice cream, its refreshing to find a “one stop, bottle shot”, like the good lord intended.  Hornitos Lime Shot is a lazy mans dream that actually tastes good.

I’m not gonna drink it if I don’t like it.  There are just too many delicious libations to drop in a glass and shoot down your throat.  No cheap booze people.  Lime Shot is very drinkable at room temp or straight out of the freezer.  The enjoyment is in the simplicity – fresh lime taste and a dash of salt make this perfect as a shot.  We have all had fake flavor, saccharin sweet, gimic booze, (hopefully not often).  Lime Shot is different. It has real flavor, but yet it is smooth and tasty.

I love Tequila. I love it straight, and I don’t want anything extra in my Reposado or Anejo.  However, if one must tinker, say to enter a new spirits market, I like what Hornitos did.  I like that they started with Hornitos Plata.  No matter what you are building,  if you don’t start with a quality foundation, you’re finished before you’ve started.  Hornitos Plata is already tasty, so the lime and salt accentuate the tequila’s flavor not cover it.  I also like their reserved entry into the flavored spirit battle.  I have a little more unrest about what people are doing to my whisky, but that is a different chat.  Drink well my friends and love your bartender!

There you have it folks, enjoy your holiday weekend and don’t be afraid to spice up that barbecue or beach day with some Hornitos Lime Shot, after all, its Rugged Male approved !

Thank You For Reading !


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