We are in the middle of one of the most unique winter seasons in recent memory.  Meteorologists and Ski Patrol are comparing it to the great El Nino winter of 1998.  That said, if you are still mucking around in your old boots it might be time to pick up some new grips since it could be a long winter and definitely a muddy spring.

That’s why we were more than excited when Dickies tapped us to help us spread the word about their winter gear for men. We have long been a fan of the Dickies brand and their clothing for men. Most of us know the Dickies brand from counter culture SoCal skate and punk bands who rock their black khakis with the Dickies iconic logo.  Others may know Dickies from their quality handyman clothes for construction workers.  Their brand and clothing line goes much deeper than that, and for that reason we were immediately fired up to be their partner.

Lets walk you through some of rugged and cool men’s items that will get you through the winter feeling and looking good.  Dickies is currently offering free shipping on orders of $60 or more.

Men’s Boots

Dickies has a very cool line of affordable and durable men’s boots for work, casual wear and outdoors. Here are just a few of their styles.

Men’s Jackets

Dickies has long been the goto brand for cool men’s jackets.  Their classic duck and Eisenhower jackets have been a staple in rugged menswear for decades.  Check out their lined hoodies as well, guaranteed to keep you warm this winter.

Men’s Jeans

We are all familiar with the classic carpenter jeans from Dickies, but did you know they also make standard 5-pocket jeans in regular, relaxed or slim fit.  Stop overpaying for men’s jeans and rock an American classic when you go out.

There you have it lads.  When it comes to cool looking and durable boots, jeans or jackets, look no further than Dickies, a trusted American brand for over 90 years.

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