Whitening your teeth changes your life, sorry it just does.  About 15 years ago I noticed one of my front teeth turning brown, only one of them.  Now I had full dental coverage at the time and was going every 6 months and flossing and all that crap.   I noticed because a mouthy barmaid at my local watering hole started making fun of me when she noticed it.  That was all I needed to hear.  I sprinted to my los angeles dentist to find out why one tooth was seemingly going brown.

After an examination he explained to me that my tooth was chipped and it was DEAD.  He asked if I had fallen recently.  Nope, kicked in the face about five years earlier in a barroom scuffle.  I figured there was going to be some lingering issues related to it.  In any event Doc told me that the tooth is permanently rooted its just going to turn brown from time to time and offered me a solution.  He could make a mold for the one tooth so I could bleach it every 6 weeks, or a mold for the entire upper teeth.  I chose the latter and it changed my life.

Don’t get me wrong I didn’t suddenly start dropping red ropes when I arrived at the club.  Well actually I was frequenting a dark dingy blues bar in the Fillmore district of San Francisco at the time – but they still had red ropes!   I digress .. The point is, that it changes your entire face and they way people receive you. TRUST ME, it does.  It’s like when you get a new haircut and people just say you look different but can’t put their finger on it.  My friends use to razz me about it because it was something new 12 years ago, but I had a medical excuse for it so I could still be casual flannel guy vs. metro man.   Now I say to these people that ask me if I whiten, as if I’m cheating – “Don’t you? Get In the game bro”.  A good looking grill makes all the difference socially and professionally.


This is why we agreed to help get the word out about a new service Club Smile.  Club Smile takes all the guesswork out of finding a teeth whitening solution.  It also takes all the shopping out and delivers it to you by mail.  Each month Club Smile will send you teeth cleaning or whitening products.  One Month its a Tray Whitening Kit, another month its a Gel Whitening Pen. Sometimes its toothpaste and floss and other times its White Strips.  Basically you are going to be covered for the year in dental care products.

Your teeth will look great and you will feel great because you will notice the subtle difference in your life.  Give these guys a try if you are even remotely curious.  While they are ramping up their launch Club Smile is offering 50% off their membership fee til Dec 31.

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