There was a survey last year suggesting that 64 percent of women judge a man’s fashion sense based on his shoes and 52 percent of women say they judge a man’s personality by his shoes.  We say to hell with that nonsense, just wear cool kicks and good things will happen.  We personally believe that a man’s shoes indicate what he drinks, so try to avoid indicating that you enjoy a cucumber martini.

What we really wanted to bring to your attention was a cool shoe company founded in Bozeman called Trask.  They’re story is still being written as it says on their website, but our opinion is not.

The kind folks at Trask sent us a cool pair of men’s boots to test drive.  Michael McDermott has been wearing them to his gigs all over The Midwest the last month.  He has this to offer, The first (pair) of what I predict to be many Trask boots, they are rugged, laid back and cool.  I have been asked about them many times on the road.  My feet found a nice winter home.”


Michael is rockin the Cascade Boots – A hiker-inspired lace-up that combines sturdy American steer with a luxurious shearling lining for ultimate comfort and warmth.

Trask Boots For Men

Trask shoes are made from real hide – Bison, Ram or Elk.  Their website continues to read, “Like making small batch bourbons, our production process is time honored and true.  Our way is not the fastest or easiest, but we think it’s worth the extra effort.”   Being a rugged male is a similar process, not the easiest but its certainly worth the extra effort, so wear rugged small batch bourbon shoes to celebrate your chosen path.

As autumn is in full swing and winter holidays approach, keep Trask in mind if you are looking to keep your feet warm this winter.  They have shoes and boots for men and women and make a nice gift for the holidays – and they’re damn good people.

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