As part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias I went shopping at Best Buy to find an elusive Christmas gift for a very close and picky friend of mine.  He is the type of guy that never wants gifts and tries to wriggle out of Christmas gatherings, but yet is very generous and giving.  With limited time to think about gifts and even less time to go shopping and the clock winding down, I clearly needed some guidance.

It was then the folks at Best Buy contacted us about They put together a web page that shows all the items at Best Buy that are trending on their site and Twitter. They even show the actual tweets and photos.  It’s good stuff and a terrific time saver with great ideas on major gifts, small gifts and stocking stuffers.

I spent a few minutes online looking at what was trending then headed out to my local Best Buy, armed with a roadmap – my smartphone and BestBuy/Trending.  First Stop – Mobile Phones & Tablets.  I liked how everything was laid out by carrier and manufacturer, but in the end I figured a person needs to buy cellphone for themselves .. like underwear.  I felt the same way when I went to the Tablet section.

Cellphones & Tablets

Better check Best Buy Trending since I have wasted about 4 minutes already in the store and need to move quicker.  I scroll to the Small Appliance section on my phone thinking that would remove all the personal preferences for my picky guest.  Besides, nobody ever buys these clever gadgets on their own.  Suddenly I am enlightened – the perfect gift.  Like a labrador to a tennis ball I start moving quickly toward Small Appliances,  eating up carpet like Terry Tate, Office Linebacker.  I get passed my last confused consumer (rookies!) and BAM, staring right at me was the goal.  [Cue the Jesus light]

The coveted Keurig K45 Elite Single Cup Brewing System, the Nisshin Maru of holiday gifts.  How could anyone not enjoy this major advancement in technology.  No more cleaning up spilled coffee grounds.  No more cleaning dirty coffee pots left on the burner.  Most of all, no more waiting in line at Starshmucks behind people texting in funny clothes, ordering their 800 calorie breakfast drink with a side of heated pound cake – all while I wait patiently for a three dollar black coffee … to go!  I will pay extra to skip that movie every morning.  Wait a minute, I digress, this gift is not for me .. better get it to the register, stat!

Off we go, me and the K45 Elite driving away in the X5.  Mission complete in 30 minutes thanks to BestBuy/Trending!  At the register I was also given a $20 Gift Certificate – Jackpot !  That will pay for a box of coffee cartridges for this new artillery.  My picky pal will be so happy.

All kidding aside, the Best Buy Trending site is pretty darn cool and saves time showing you cool products so you dont have to weed through the virtual bargain bin.  Check it out, I know it will make one person very happy this holiday season.

Merry Christmas To Me!

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