If you have been long time fan of The Rugged Male then you understand our love for the ocean.  We have penned articles like What Every Man Should Know About The Ocean, How To Buy Your First Surfboard and Tips For Boating at Night.

You also know that we dig movies, like our article about Top 20 Movies You May Have Missed, or Top 10 Guitar Scenes in Movies.  We thought we would marry these two passions and give you our list of the Top 20 Ocean Movies of All Time.  Buckle up your life preserver because this charter is sure to get bumpy!

Top 20 Movies About The Ocean


20.  All Is Lost (2013)

top ocean movies of all time

During a solo voyage in the Indian Ocean, a veteran mariner (Robert Redford) awakes to find his vessel taking on water after a collision with a stray shipping container. With his radio and navigation equipment disabled, he sails unknowingly into a violent storm and barely escapes with his life. With any luck, the ocean currents may carry him into a shipping lane — but, with supplies dwindling and the sharks circling, the sailor is forced to face his own mortality.


19. Lifeguard (1976)

best movies about the ocean

Vintage Sam Elliott. Filmed entirely in Redondo Beach. Rick, still in his 30’s, works full-time as a lifeguard on the beaches of Los Angeles. When he meets his divorced high school girlfriend and her five-year-old son after fifteen years, he considers switching to a more “serious” job.  This movie is an early nod to beach towns and beach culture, especially the people like Lifeguard Rick who consider the beach as the only place to live.



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