Just as we have returned the last of our holiday packages and the new year hangover has set in, Valentines Day approaches. This is a holiday that strikes fear and loathing into even the gentlest of souls and once again stirs up our inner Grinch.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Like all of our most deeply treasured traditions, the story of Saint Valentine is rooted in the spirit of love and generosity (and much interpretation). This is an opportunity to acknowledge your loved one, whether it be your girlfiend, mom, child, spouse or partner. The task at hand is not quite as daunting if we bear in mind that all people truly want is acknowledgment and appreciation. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

Lingerie is a traditional gift this time of year.  Naja.co has taken knickers to a whole new level of artistry.  For a limited time, you can personalize a love note inside her lingerie. Show your lady how smart and sexy she is and sign her up for this service. Once you set up a subscription, a curated box will be sent on the schedule you set. That way, even if you forget, Naja has your back.

Naja - Underwear For Her

Could your lady need some help in the wardrobe department? Sign her up for Stitch Fix and she will have a personal shopper send a handpicked box of clothing to her doorstep. She try’s on in the privacy of her own home and sends back what she doesn’t want. Once again, you decide how often.

Often times the best gift is an experience. Think of a luxury treat your love would not normally splurge on such as a spa treatment or yoga class series.  Perhaps she has mentioned an interest she would like to pursue but just needs a push to get started. Photography, kickboxing, ballet? Even better, find something you can do together such as sky diving or cooking classes, you decide the level of excitement.

Does your special lady love to cook?  There is an explosion of artisan ingredients on the market now such as olive oil, vinegar and salt. These items may seem a bit extravagant to buy on the weekly trip to the grocery, but they do make fantastic gifts. Consider gifting  a cookbook such as Sunday Suppers. The book is perfect for a novice with simple recipes yet also suits the more culinary experienced need to experiment! Extra bonus, they have an online store where you can purchase that olive oil.


Are you looking to brave it on your own?  Be an internet sleuth and find her Pinterest account. The most savvy pinners create a wish list board. Other places to look are her favorite online store or Amazon. The majority have wish list accounts and this is a great resource to surprise her with her most coveted items!  If all else fails, hit your local Anthropologie Store. There is something in there for every woman on the planet and there are people in there that are truly happy to help you. If you cant make it to the store they have an online personal shopper, as do most reputable retail establishments these days. No gift certificates please!

The great thing about gift giving in the age of technology is that the task has really become so much easier.   This way you can focus on more important things, like spending quality time together and enjoying the day without all the stress and anxiety. And remember, a little bit of effort will pay off handsomely for the remainder of the year.

Thank you For Reading !Susana Benz, Stylist, Consultant

This piece was handcrafted by our fashion and style contributor, the lovely Susana Benz – a personal stylist with a flair for finding the sexy and happy in all of us. susanabenz@gmail.com 

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