As your taking your final runs of the year, on your spring boards and temperatures increase, it becomes more important then ever to protect your eyes when skiing, snowboarding or working on the hill.

Did you know your eyes can get sunburned in the winter?  On a sunny winter day, snow can reflect 80% of all UV rays, compared with 10% for grass and 15% for dry beach sand. This intense exposure can temporarily harm the eyes producing “snow blindness” (photokeratitis) and increase the risk of an individual developing sunlight-related eye disorders (e.g,. cataracts) later in life.

Reporter Anderson Cooper recently experienced temporary vision loss from this condition. He was on the water, but strong glare from any source can cause symptoms.

Protecting your eyes in winter can prevent or slow down other eye conditions, including:

  • Cataracts
  • Macular degeneration
  • Cancer
  • Wrinkles

Dragon recently sent us some of their Alliance D1 Goggles, with patented eye protection technology and worn by several Olympic athletes in Sochi earlier this year.  Dragon Alliance patented the first fully frameless goggle with premium lens technology and easy lens interchangeability.  These goggles also offer exclusive Super Anti-Fog coating to prevent fogging while on the slopes.

These goggles are pretty dope, they look cool and you can change out the lens depending on whether you are carving on a blue bird or waist deep during a heavy dump.

Dragon D1 Retro Tort Gold

What is different about eye protection on the mountain vs. summer or a beach environment?   We asked Dr. William Bogus, a VSP winter eye health specialist:

“The biggest difference in eye wear for winter and summer sports in my experience is the color of the lenses.  Winter sports typically require a variety of colors depending on the ambient light (i.e. bright days vs. flat lighting days). When snow is on the ground, the color of the lens can make a huge difference in seeing the terrain and ruts better.  Summer is more about brightness control and reflections, where polarized lenses are a benefit.”, says Dr. Bogus.

Check out more styles at  The Dragon folks are good people that make quality products.

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