“Bringing the refreshing and unique taste of Spain to America … a chance to taste The Endless Summer”

Spring is here!  It’s time to put away the heavy coats, start exercising outdoors, switch from manhattans to martinis and winter ales to light beers.  Enter Palmia, a new and refreshing light beer taking the west coast by storm – one bitter beer hater at a time.

Several years ago a (sexy) bar maid once told me that if I wanted to meet more women, then I should stop drinking Heineken because it gives you bad breath.  Well, she was right, Heineken does stink, literally, (so does Miller Lite).  You are not going to get this with Palmia Lager.  It’s a super light beer (90 calories), with a sweet lemon aftertaste.  Note:  If you are one of those “aficionados” that gets all sweaty waiting for the release of the new Seasonal, Winter, Whatever-Fest, then this beer is probably not for you.  Stop reading and go back to your Game of Thrones.

Palmia Lager was conceived when founder David Epstein was on vacation in Spain and observed several people pouring lemonade and/or sprite into their beers to give it a lighter, sweeter taste.  Noticing the obvious void in the light beer market, David spent the next two years perfecting the recipe.  Palmia was launched in September of 2013 and has been spreading like a California wild fire.  It’s all natural lemon infused flavoring makes it the perfect summer beverage.  “I want it to be for everyone, but especially for health conscious people that are looking for a good tasting beer without all the calories”, says Epstein.  “We are bringing the refreshing and unique taste of Spain to America.” Light Beer From Palmia

Palmia is currently available in over 60 restaurants, bars and liquor stores from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  “We co-sponsored a small event at the Sundance Film Festival this past winter and had such a great response that we ran out of beer.   Next year you will see us at Coachella and SXSW. “, says Epstein.

We were fortunate to receive a case of Palmia at The Rugged Male headquarters and quickly ran through it.  Every guest that came by took one sip and loved it, including this author, who only drinks whiskey and tequila – no bad breath hereDavid’s dream of bringing superior flavor to the light beer market is reaching fruition and with welcoming arms.  It’s about time there is something on the market that is not just a watered down [Big Beer Brand].  Palmia gives you the option to taste The Endless Summer.

Do yourself a favor and check out our good friends at Palmia – good people making great tasting light beer.  Palmia Beer is available to order online for those not located in California – www.palmiabeer.com.

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