Keeping with our story last month about Columbia Crest Winery, who is crowdsourcing the making of 1000 cases of cabernet at their award winning winery in Paterson, Washington.   They have been asking the internet for their opinion at various stages of the wine making process.  Here is a recap.

Should We Remove Grapes That Have Not Reached Full Maturity?       YES (71%)

Should We Irrigate After A Warm Couple Of Weeks?                                YES (51%)

Harvest Prep:  Should We Harvest At Night?                                              YES (55%)
(harvest during day allows for warmer fruit and fermentation will happen quicker giving us more control over the wine. Harvest at night will be slower process making a more complex wine and also riskier.)

Fermentation Prep:  Should We Crush The Fruit?                                      VOTE NOW!
(Crushing the fruit allows for the extraction of flavor to start immediately.  Not crushing will create a fruitier wine as fermentation will start with whole berries)


You have approximately 2 1/2 days to get your vote in.  Enjoy !

Thanks for participating in our Crowdsourced Cabernet Project with Columbia Crest Winery!


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