This is the time of year when every advertising and PR minion hits us up to pimp their client’s lame products for Father’s Day.  They typically expect us to do this as a favor, like we owe them a favor or we are some sort of mommy cupcake and comfort food blog.  We typically get a chuckle out of their products and move on, quietly.

Father’s day is just not a gift giving day, despite what retailers and restaurants are trying to shove down your throat. It’s a day to spend time with family and do whatever Dad wants to do.  Most dads we know hate getting gifts and would much rather spend a few hours drowning flies in a stream or playing golf.  Spending precious time with grandpa should always be your first option.

Since we seem to be in a writers block, also called more important things going on. We thought we would honor the requests of these PR pests and showcase their awesome gift ideas for Father’s Day.  Get your popcorn ready, here we go.

First up is the self-propelled Kick Cart, yep, fun for the whole family.

Father's Day Kick Cart


Next, the Racing Simulator.  Drop this guy in front of your flat screen and crack a cold one.

Racing Simulator


They say a time piece defines a man


A Father’s Day Gift Slot Machine .. from a broadband provider.  Because nothing says I love you Dad like a pair of blue boat shoes or a USB Hub.


Now for the Grand Pubbah, the mother lode – Redefining Men’s Loungewear by Z-Phela .. that’s a fella alright.



Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there, you are the tough guy, the rugged male, the working dad, nobody else compares.

Thanks For Reading!

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