One of the great things about having a dog is that you can share adventures with them and include them in your exercise routine. If you are a particularly outdoorsy person and you are keen to go on regular hikes with your dog, then this may affect the breed you choose. If the hikes you want to do are very intense, a dog with a lot of energy and strength is probably the best way to go. This will also give your dog a great quality of life – hikes are like dog walks but even better, right? Here are a couple of tips that are good to keep in mind if you are thinking about taking your dog hiking.

Keeping Your Dog’s Joints Healthy

Firstly, you need to be aware of your dog’s joint health and how to keep them healthy. While hiking is really good for you and will help develop strength, it can also be a little strenuous as it will involve using your muscles intensely and exercising your joints more than you are used to on a daily basis. Therefore, you need to make sure you are looking out for your dog. Consider looking into supplements, such as glucosamine for dogs. This is a natural substance which is used to treat arthritis and other joint problems and it can be found via sites like YuMOVE.  YuMOVE stocks a range of different supplements, so take a look through the huge variety they sell in order to figure out what is best for your dog. These come in a few different forms – even in the form of a chew which is great if your dog is a bit fussy.

Coming Fully Equipped to the Hike

Coming fully equipped to the hike is essential, especially if it is a long one. If you were going on a hike, you would bring water and snacks, so you should do the same for your dog. You could look into getting a portable dog bowl, so that you have something for your dog to drink out of. This will prevent them from becoming dehydrated and this is important to keep an eye on, as dogs cannot communicate to us when this happens. Also make sure your dog has had a good breakfast that day and bring along a couple of treats.

Making Sure It Is the Right Distance and Intensity

You need to be realistic when planning your hike and make sure it is the right distance and intensity for your dog. If they are unable to complete the hike, this will result in quite a few complications for you so be aware not to choose anything too drastic. Take a look at some of the best UK hike trails that are suitable for dogs to get some inspiration!

The main thing to prioritize when taking your dog hiking is having fun. If you are hiking by yourself, a dog can make an excellent companion so this can be reassuring on your journey. It will probably also make you feel closer to them, having shared an adventure!


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