“Larry Ellison just landed his private jet on a runway .. a fashion runway”

It is a most excellent time to be a rugged male! All things tough and rugged are once again revered after several seemingly monotonous decades of vodka drinks and Tommy-wear (Hilfiger, Bahama).  Not only have traditional rugged past times like beer and whiskey drinking become artisanal, but time consuming, drudgerous activities like clothes shopping has become easier so men have time to enjoy that Maker’s Mark or Smithwicks.

Internet savvy clothing companies are using data analysis to change the way we buy clothes . Maximizing ecommerce has become the norm in selling clothes.  Now retailers are using algorithms in determining proper fit and style.  Ladies and gentlemen, Larry Ellison just landed his private jet on a runway .. a fashion runway.  We have become accustomed to digital marketing agency techniques and can sniff out product suggestions for what they are – a faceless computer algorithm.  But technology and fashion are getting more cozy.

The way technology is merging with fashion is truly revolutionary.  Now there is actually a face behind the product.  Tech companies are taking the fashion industry to the next level, and it’s about time. Clothing e-tailers are now creating unique customized experiences with products designed and built for your body and personal style.

You can sign up to have hand selected product delivered to your door as often as you wish.  The Rugged Male can now experience the luxury of a personal shopper without having to step foot into a store and deal with a potentially snarky sales associate. There is no pressure to buy and if you do not care for your expertly crafted box of cool threads, send it back with no questions asked, or cost.  They will try harder to please you next time.

Team Meeting @ Trumaker

Brick and mortar has become a bit retro and tired. It has seemingly morphed into a competition to see how many stores one brand can have within a few blocks radius.  The sense of uniqueness is all but gone for the consumer who can buy the same thing on any continent in the world.  This has also caused an epidemic of ill fitting clothing as it is very difficult to fit a global community into rack sizing.

In line with the artisanal movement and getting back to the essence of custom tailoring, you can now have your shirt designed to your specifications and built to your measurements.  All this in a 30 minute appointment in the comfort of your home or office. Reordering is a click away and new shirts will be delivered directly to you.

While fashion may always dictate runway styles, we should continue to use technology to set the tone for ease and innovation.  The exciting thing in this era of fierce competition is that they actually complement one another.  This is the beauty of the partnership between technology and fashion.  You look better than ever with more time to pursue much more rugged pastimes.

And now for your fashion tip:  Remember to always have at least one statement shirt in your arsenal. A button down shirt is an easy and inexpensive way to to add a whole lot of sexy to your style. As long as you have a dark denim base to ground the look, feel free to experiment and have fun with different colors and patterns. You will be surprised what colors look good on you after branching out from traditional blue and white. Funky pattern and color is a clever way to get noticed.  It makes you much more approachable as women always love to talk fashion.

Thank You For Reading!Susana Benz, Stylist

This piece was handcrafted by the fashionable, Susana Benz, a personal stylist with a flair for finding the sexy and happy in all of us. susanabenz@gmail.com 

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