You wake up, hit snooze three times, jump in the shower, slam a cup of coffee and run out the door late to work once again.  You use your arm as a crutch to hold your head up at your desk counting the seconds until the clock hits 5pm thinking you can’t wait to get home. Then all of a sudden you remember you have a 6pm session with your trainer – arrgghh!  You’re about cancel via text but then realize you’re becoming a chump for always canceling because you had to work late, hit bad traffic, were out of town or just plain tired.  If any of this sounds familiar, the growing trend of remote health and fitness training may be the right solution for you.

Regret of wasting money and the trainer’s time is a very common reason why so many give up on their health and fitness goals.  Fortunately, with today’s technology, many people are now able to eliminate their excuses and get out of their own way with regards to health and fitness.  A good friend of ours, Chris DiVecchio, owner of Premier Mind & Body in Los Angeles is finding a lot of success with his remote coaching business and we wanted to share what it’s all about.


The Core Values of Chris’ program include:

  • Unique Custom Program Design that fully integrates into each client’s lifestyle
  • 24/7 Accessibility To Coaching via Phone, Skype, Text, FaceTime, Email
  • Collaborative merger of goals to develop a specific and unique program
  • Physical assessment to determine postural and muscle imbalances
  • Physical assessment to identify pain and movement restrictions
  • Fully customized stretching and foam rolling program
  • Fully customized strength and fitness program
  • Fully customized meal plan and nutritional guidelines
  • Specifically designed vitamin regiment to address each individual’s needs

While Chris offers one-on-one training at his studio, half of his clientele are spread throughout the country and internationally.  Most of his clients are business professionals who carry the burden of managing large organizations and also their families.  These folks are constantly struggling to find time for fitness.  While the majority of these individuals are remote clients, Chris also has many local executives that prefer his remote fitness program over his in person training.

In a perfect world, we would pick and choose the most convenient times for ourselves to workout but the reality is that everyone’s schedule is different, including the trainer’s.  In addition, some may only be able to train for 30 minutes whereas others may have a full hour.  The value of working with a remote fitness trainer is that you get a custom designed, turnkey program that fully integrates into your lifestyle, work obligations, and family time.  All the excuses and reasons for skipping a workout are minimized or eliminated so you can strive for the best mental and physical shape possible.


Remote Health & Nutrition Guidance

The 90 Day Remote Program includes nutrition, training, supplementation and lifestyle guidance all built into an app that is very user friendly.  Workouts can be designed for any type of situation whether it’s a regular gym, small hotel gym or no gym at all.  Around the clock access allows clients to get on-the-fly advice about food options when eating out, training adjustments and inspirational reminders when your having one of those days.

What Chris’s Remote Training Program teaches you is that the workouts make up a very small percentage of the overall process of getting into great shape.  Adopting a lifestyle and having a solid set of guidelines while mastering the art of adjustment is the true key to genuine health and fitness.  Working with a trainer in person certainly has value, but remote training can also hold you accountable without the stress of racing to a training session.

If a 90 Day Remote Training Program sounds like it might be right for you, please reach out to Chris DiVecchio at Premier Mind and Body@ChrisDiVecchio, and tell him The Rugged Male sent you 🙂

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