Have you ever wanted to know more about how wine is made?   Perhaps you’re tired of going to social events and getting stuck with (her) friends husbands discuss their 600 bottle wine cellars (Zzzzzz).  Been there.  Or maybe you are interested in learning more about the process so you can sound worldly the next time you are seated at a wedding and they ask Red or White?  For many the challenge is traveling to a vineyard which may not be remotely close to where you live.

Well The Rugged Males are in luck as we have been invited to participate in the very first Internet Winery!  They are also looking for wine makers with little to zero experience to help.  That’s where we come in.  Columbia Crest winery in Washington, who had a No. 1 wine in the world in 2009, has become the first winery to crowdsource a wine.  They have set aside an acre of reserve grapes for the project.  At the end of the process, approximately 1,000 cases of the Crowdsourced Cabernet 2014 vintage will be available for purchase online and in the Columbia Crest tasting room in Paterson, Washington.  The wine that we are being asked to help make will also be sent to leading wine publications to be rated alongside other premium wines.

“We know our wine supporters are a knowledgeable and discerning bunch, so we thought we’d issue them a challenge. For the first time, everything from fruit–thinning, to the harvest, to the final blend, and even the label will be in the hands of our fans; it’s a trailblazing adventure,” Muñoz Oca said. “The Crowdsourced Cabernet process will invite wine–lovers to gain a deeper understanding and connection to the craft and skill of winemaking. Our fans will make the calls like when to fruit–thin, when to water, when to hedge, and even when to harvest. We will ferment it, barrel it, bottle it, and baby it until it’s ready to drink.

Here is the first question posed to the crowd to give you an idea of the winemaking process

Crowdsourced Cabernet Columbia Crest

What say you?  Do we remove the fruit?  They also have three cameras set up so you can look at the vineyard, the grapes and the process throughout the entire project.  We plan to stick around for the entire process so you will see an update each month and a reminder to cast your vote on the next stage of the process.

Get in there and cast your vote to be part of the first ever crowdsourced wine.  There is no username or password required.  It’s time to make some wine!   www.CrowdsourcedCabernet.com

Thank You For Reading and Participating!

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